Marry up to 8 women, all these men’s wives live under one roof and live in harmony, this is what he does

SERAMBINEWS,COM – A man in Thailand recently leaked about his personal life which has 8 wives.

This was stated by a man known as Mr Nathapon, when invited to fill an event by a local television station.

In the event, Mr Nathapon revealed that so far he has married 8 women to be his wife.

Reported from, it is known that Mr. Nathapon is a tattoo artist who is quite famous in Bangkok, Thailand.

He and his eight wives live under the same roof.

However, the family life remained harmonious and peaceful.

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In fact, all of his wives are said to have a close relationship as close as brothers in a family.

According to Nathapon’s story, he first met the woman who is now his first wife while attending a party wedding a friend.

Meanwhile with the second wife, they met while in the market.

Then his encounter with the third wife in the hospital. The 4th, 5th and 6th wives all know Nathapon through social media networks.

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