News Married couple finds wedding ring back after eight years...

Married couple finds wedding ring back after eight years by stupid coincidence Inland


Bertie and Johan were playing with their grandchildren when he lost the jewelry. They themselves searched for the ring for a long time, but could not find it anywhere. “After that we often stood in front of a jeweler for a new one, but something stopped us.”

When they made a tour through Beverwijk on Wednesday, they happened to pass the playground where a man was using his metal detector. The three started talking. The viewfinder, Richard de Bree, said that two weeks earlier he had found a gold ring with the name “Bertie” in it.

“I immediately got cold,” Bertie tells Hart van Nederland. “When he mentioned the date that was in the ring, we knew it was the ring we lost eight years ago.”

Richard had taken the ring home after he visited jewelers to recognize it. “We have been happily married for 42 years. But now that Johan has got the ring again, I feel completely connected again. It is as if I fall in love again ”, said a delighted Bertie.


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