News March 29: figures about the coronavirus in the Netherlands...

March 29: figures about the coronavirus in the Netherlands in seven visualisations NOW


The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) publishes an overview every day with figures on the situation surrounding the corona virus in the Netherlands. brought together most of the figures known so far in seven visualisations.

Deaths by date

In the daily RIVM update, newly reported deaths are brought out. This does not mean that so many people died that day, but that RIVM received a certain number of reports of death that day.

There is often a delay between the moment of the established death and the receipt of the report to RIVM. The graph below shows the actual deaths per day. These numbers can still change. In this article we give a detailed explanation of how this works.

Number of hospital admissions by date

RIVM states that the number of hospitalized patients “is increasing less than you would expect without measures”. Whether there can really be talk of a flattening of the number of hospital admissions remains to be seen.

Especially the elderly admitted to hospital

On March 29, half of all patients reported to RIVM were 64 years and older. It is also mainly the elderly who are admitted to hospital, as shown in the table below.

Men seem to get sicker than women

Men and women get coronavirus about as often. However, the figures also show that relatively many men die from COVID-19. The same applies to patients who end up in the hospital. Nearly two-thirds of both hospital admissions and deaths. We explained why this is article.

Southern provinces were particularly hard hit

The corona virus has been diagnosed in all provinces in the Netherlands. North Brabant, where the coronavirus outbreak started, has the most infections with the coronavirus. Many infections have also been detected in South Holland and North Holland.

Total number of IC withdrawals

Recently, many IC beds have been added to accommodate the admissions of corona patients. The number of IC beds has been scaled up from 1,150 to 1,600, of which 1,025 beds are reserved for corona patients.

The peak in the number of corona patients is expected at the end of May. By then, some 2,200 ic beds are likely to be needed.

The number of withdrawals on the IC increases by about 100 admissions per day. On average, patients spend two to three weeks in intensive care.

Follow the latest developments around the virus in us live blog.

The coronavirus in short

  • The coronavirus mainly spreads from person to person via sneezing and cough drops. The chance of becoming infected through surfaces such as door handles is small. This chance decreases if you wash your hands often.
  • You can considerably reduce the chance of spreading by keeping at least 1.5 meters away from others.
  • An infected person infects two to three others on average. Precautions are necessary to contain this.
  • The vast majority of patients have mild (flu-like) complaints.
  • Almost all deaths involve the elderly or other vulnerable persons, such as heart, lung or diabetes patients. If everyone complies with the measures, this reduces their risks.
  • Read here what precautions you should take.



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