Mara Venier and Renzo Arbore, the reasons for the breakup: “We loved each other …”

Mara Venier talked about love with Renzo Arbore and did it without regret. Let’s see what led them to break up.

The two were one of the most loved couples of the 90s, but their relationship ended for various reasons. The presenter Mara Venier has decided to talk about it and to make some details of their relationship clear to the public. The two also found themselves on live TV together and laughed and made fun of the moments spent together. A relationship that has something special, since it seems free from hatred and resentment.

Mara Venier at the wedding of the couple Gregoraci-Briatore (GettyImages)

In Italy the two are icons of Italian TV, famous for the famous appearances in various films and for the conduct of various programs. Today, women are the queen of Sunday schedules, thanks to the program Sunday In, but in the past the man was one of the greatest exponents of Italian television, especially with his activities on the flagship network.

Before getting engaged to the famous Rai presenter, the presenter passed two marriages, including one with the actor Jerry Calà, and the birth of two children. Then, the long 12-year relationship with the man, which lasted until 1997.

Mara Venier’s words on the love affair with Renzo Arbore

Renzo Arbore at the Rome Film Festival
Renzo Arbore al Rome film fest (GettyImages)

A couple that never stops being talked about, even after having left for years. Effectively, Mara Venier and Renzo Arbore seem to have remained on excellent terms and you can see this from how they still tease each other in front of the cameras. The real reason for the failure inherent in their love is still unknown, but they have been through a lot of problems together.

“We loved each other so much,” said the host during an interview. Today, it seems that this love has changed into a great affection, and the woman confessed it: “Today I am there for him and he for me”.

It seems that the presenter was a traitor towards him, but it is still not clear who he had the incest with. In addition, to skew their love relationship there was also an abortion, which could have influenced the final choice of separation between the two parties. Today the woman is married to the producer Nicola Carraro and it seems to be a well-defined relationship.

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