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Mané slept through the “Black Lives Matter”Protest


All of the knees, a running

Liverpool’s Sadio Mané has the first Premier League game of the Reds Protest-a gesture before the kick-off. He ran already kicking across the field.

  • Sadio Mané slept through the “Black Lives Matter”Protest for the match Everton – Liverpool.
  • As the referee whistles, not knees all the players and coaches, just a knockout.
  • He realizes his mistake quickly, does it then also.

If all the knees and hold you, hold you know that you have forget anything. This can happen, of course. Sub-optimal, it is only when the whole world is watching.

What happened? Now, Liverpool’s star striker Sadio Mané verpennte when tired 0:0 in the Merseyside Derby against Everton, the protest gesture before the kick-off. Thus, the players took advantage of in addition to the minute’s silence for the Corona victim to the attention for another gesture. As the referee’s whistle, all footballer and coach together, one knee on the ground. A Symbol of the “Black Lives Matter”movement, a sign against racism. This was apparently known to all, only one seemed to have completely forgotten: Sadio Mané.

Mané realized his mistake

While all the Participants knelt after the referee’s whistle to the ground, thought the Senegalese, it was the kick-off. He ran to the middle line in the full print to the front, hoping apparently for a quick, long Ball. Then he realized that he was the Only one who back stopped delivery. Then he, too, knelt down, joined the “Black Lives Matter”Protest.

So knockout to be motivated before the Match, was as little liked him to succeed during the game. The draw with Liverpool, which will be without the injured Xherdan Shaqiri began on Wednesday with a win against Crystal Palace in the English football Champions are not able to, when title defenders Manchester City on Monday night win against Burnley FC.



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