Mandatory exam only for pharmacy and medicine in Sofia

Sofia University has accepted the rules of the candidate student campaign. PHOTO: RUMYANA TONEVA

l Graduation is valid for the other 118 specialties, among them is the law

l New bachelor’s degree program – “Data Analysis”

The Matura exam cannot be used for admission of students only for the specialties “Medicine” and “Pharmacy” at Sofia University for the academic year 2022/2023. There will be exams in biology and chemistry for these two specialties.

Grades from the state matriculation exams will be recognized as competitive in 118 out of 120 bachelor’s programs. This was decided by the Academic Council of the university. Thus, for the third year in a row, the specialty “Law” will be entered with grades from the Matura.

With the grades from the exams in biology and chemistry he will also apply for specialties in the Faculty of Biology, the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy and the Faculty of Physics.

There will be exams in other specialties – in mathematics for the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, the Faculty of Physics and Economics, in physics for the Faculty of Physics, as well as in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. However, they will be an alternative to the matura, ie. young people can apply only with the grade from the matriculation exam.

The first exam session of Sofia University will be held on April 3. The second will be on May 28 and 29, and the June – on the 4th, 5th and 11th.

In the academic year 2022/2023, Sofia University will have a new bachelor’s program – “Data Analysis”. The specialty will be studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics only in regular form for 8 semesters. Admission will be optional with a grade from the Matura in Mathematics, Informatics or Information Technology or with a grade from the entrance exam in Mathematics.

The first program of its kind in Bulgaria aims to prepare specialists who know how to collect and analyze data for making informed decisions and building models for future actions based on a solid mathematical apparatus, combined with methods of statistics, informatics and modern information technologies, explained the university. It is planned that the specialty will be a joint one between Sofia and the Technical University.

The first ranking of the candidate students will be announced on July 5. The results of the second and third stages will be announced on July 12th and 19th.

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