Mancini: “Italy, I’m optimistic for Qatar”

The coach speaks: “I thought I would pass, now we have to roll up our sleeves. The European? Proud to have made millions of fans happy. The penalties at Wembley? I didn’t want them …”

Roberto Mancini outlines a balance sheet of a 2021 that will remain memorable for him and the national team, with the resounding victory at the European Championships. “If I think back to the final – Mancini told Sky Sport in an anticipation of an interview that will be broadcast right at Christmas – I can say that I hoped not to get to penalties, after 120 minutes and in front of 75 thousand spectators. there is always fear but we knew the drive of the whole nation. We knew that we had to make a great European, but also that we had to put in something more to get to the end. We did an extraordinary thing and made millions of people happy: it is the most beautiful thing, of which we are all proud. But the European Championship is behind us, now we have to think about something else “.


Moreover, that joy has become a bit of concern for the lack of direct qualification for the World Cup and the prospect of having to face Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal in the play-offs. “There is regret, but this is football, it is sport. Sometimes you deserve to win and you don’t win, we deserved to finish the group much earlier. We let ourselves go a bit and now we have to roll up our sleeves and make a great work in the two games. But I remain optimistic, as I knew that our group with Switzerland would be difficult. I thought about passing, but I knew it would be difficult. The match in Basel was dominated but this is football luckily we still have this possibility and we must do everything possible to go to Qatar “. But before facing Macedonia and then, if successful, Portugal or Turkey, will the blues do an internship? “We will find a way to see each other. New faces? This also depends on the moment of the championship. There may be who is in better shape than another. The most important thing will be to have them all healthy. There are many players who are still in a phase of improvement. Joao Pedro? He has been playing in Italy for many years, we know he has high technical qualities. ” There is also a question about Zaniolo, who is playing as second striker: does Mancini like him in this role? “I like it in this role. There are many players who can grow a lot.”


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