News +++ man shot down in Frankfurt: two arrests +++...

+++ man shot down in Frankfurt: two arrests +++ 25-year-old stabbed to death +++ breakdown main ferry is shut down +++ |


Now live: what happened in the night, what becomes important today – and everything that moves Hessen. We start Wednesday with you.

+++ raid against burglar gang +++

9.01 a.m .: Attention, there follows a dpa report with a large number of placemarks: After months of investigations, investigators in the morning in Rödermark (Offenbach), Cologne and Bondy near Paris searched 19 objects belonging to a suspected burglar gang. Eight out of nine arrest warrants were executed, police and public prosecutors in Cologne said in the morning. Real estate was also confiscated.

The suspects are said to have mainly deprived older people of their savings by burglary in their homes. They are also accused of social fraud. The members of the group belonged to a large family from the former Yugoslavia, the message said. When investigating in France, Cologne investigators would have supported their French colleagues.

+++ Rent a Kirschbaum! +++

8.57 a.m .: So far cherries have only been picked by large landowners and fruit thieves, everyone can now. When he or she stops by in Wendershausen (Werra-Meißner) at least. There is a “rent-a-cherry tree campaign” like you here can see.

+++ Pans-Main ferry is shut down +++

8.42 a.m .: Hardly anything has been as reliable in the past months as breakdown reports from the Main ferry between Mühlheim (Offenbach) and Maintal-Dörnigheim. First a new operator was desperately searched for, and then there was an accident on the first day. Now the ferry is about to end. The Offenbach district wants to shut it down forever. Today only the district council has to agree.

The “never ending story” about the Main ferry between Mühlheim and Main Valley is coming to an end today. Of the
wants to shut down the ferry forever. The district council should agree to this today.

[zum Tweet mit Bild]

24.06.20, 08:22 a.m.

+++ 25 year old stabbed to death in Dillenburg +++

8.25 a.m .: A 25-year-old died in the night after an argument on Dillenburg’s forecourt. The young man had suffered multiple stab wounds in the upper body, the police said. Emergency surgery could no longer save his life. Officials arrested one person after the crime. It will be heard in the morning.

First of all, we reported that the crime happened in Wetzlar. Please excuse that.

+++ Autobahn opponents fail with lawsuit for A49 +++


8.20 a.m .: For as long as I can remember, there has been a dispute in Central Hesse about the planned expansion of the A49 near Stadtallendorf (Marburg-Biedenkopf). The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig has now closed the next chapter of this tiresome story with a judgment on the lawsuit against the continued construction of the motorway: opponents of development and conservationists were tried in court to stop the project.

The plaintiffs had complained of violations of European water law in the plans for the section between Stadtallendorf and Gemünden (Vogelsberg). They wanted to ensure that the existing planning approval decision was suspended so that the plans could be supplemented later. From the perspective of the federal judge, this was out of the question. Water law is flexible enough to be able to implement the European Water Framework Directive legally.

Details and voices of everyone involved can be found here.

+++ Live in hr: “Hessens big sports day” +++

Video contribution


00:29 Min.

to the video home game! extra on June 28th: ​​Hesse’s big sports day

Trailer for Hesse's big sports day

End of the video post

8.07 a.m .: So while the Formula 1 world has to be patient for a few more days, in Hessen we are always one step ahead. Next Sunday there will be plenty of sport and even a title for the event organized by hr: “Hesse’s Great Sports Day”.

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. a potpo awaits you on TV and online … a potpour … a great mix of different sports such as triathlon, table tennis and beach volleyball. National and Hessian greats such as Paris-Roubaix winner John Degenkolb or table tennis national coach Jörg Roßkopf have announced themselves for the show competitions, to name just two. If you do not (yet) understand what exactly the athletes are showing us, just click on our contribution!

+++ Vettel turns test laps in the Ferrari +++

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari
Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari

7.54 a.m .: Now we come from fast-moving trains to fast-moving cars (you notice that I am entitled to any means of making a transition to Formula 1). Our favorite exile Hesse was allowed to go back to work after a 117-day break: The original Heppenheimer Sebastian Vettel did a few laps on the Ferrari home circuit in Mugello. Not in the new 2020 model, but in the old racing car from 2018. But in need, the devil eats flies, as is well known.

Vettel will only be allowed to “pilot” the new SF1000 again on July 3, as our post says. The new, shortened Formula 1 season starts on July 5 with the race in Spielberg / Austria.

+++ Do white tracks improve the reliability of the train? +++

An ICE of the Deutsche Bahn drives past a track painted white.

7.43 a.m .: Does a white coat of paint keep rails cooler at high temperatures? According to laboratory tests: yes. And noticeably, namely seven to eight degrees. The railway has been testing whether the theory does what it says on the Pfieffetal Bridge near Melsungen (Schwalm-Eder) since last September. There a track was brushed and one was not.

‘Why the whole thing?’ You may ask. “Our passengers should be able to reliably take the train in any weather,” explains DB Infrastructure Director Ronald Pofalla of the measure. “That is why we ensure that rails and technology work reliably even in extreme heat.” Incidentally, the data has not yet been evaluated. We recommend a thermometer.

+++ Coronavirus: 32 new infections in Hessen +++

7.23 a.m .: The number of confirmed new infections with the coronavirus in Hessen has increased by 32 within the past 24 hours. This was reported by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as of Wednesday, midnight. There were two more deaths so that the total number of those who died on or with Covid-19 in Hesse is 503. Since the start of the corona pandemic, a total of 10,645 infections have been counted in Hesse. Around 9,700 (91 percent) of these are considered recovered.

Current information on the corona virus in Hesse is available as usual in our ticker.

+++ Cars burn in the swimming pool parking lot in Lorsch +++

Two burning cars and firemen

7.14 a.m .: I promised you blue light reports, you will get blue light reports: Two cars burned in the parking lot of the forest swimming pool in Lorsch (Bergstrasse) yesterday. Before the fire department arrived, passers-by had their fire extinguishers on hand and prevented them from spreading to other cars. Arson cannot be ruled out, the police are hoping for witnesses.

+++ Sachsenhausen: two Suspect arrested +++

The underground car park remained closed the morning after the crime.

7.00 Clock: There is new information about the crime in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen: A second suspect was arrested early in the morning, a police spokesman said on the spot. The officers are investigating for attempted killing. The spokesman has not yet given any information about the background.

A 39-year-old man was gunned down in an underground garage at around 11:30 p.m. last night. He is in the hospital. At first, only the arrest of a 38-year-old suspect was reported.

+++ injured after falling in Main +++

6.48 a.m .: Two people were injured in an emergency on the banks of the Main in downtown Frankfurt. At first, a man had fallen from the bank below the Ignaz-Bubis bridge into the Main because of a medical emergency, the police said. To help him, a helper jumped into the river last night. Because of the shallow water at the site, the two men injured themselves. Rescue workers took her to a hospital.

+++ maximum values up to 29 degrees +++

6.40 a.m .: Before going on with blue lights, first something nice: it’s summer. All day long. Our weather department promises 23 to 29 degrees for Hessen today. My morning ticker colleague Mark Weidenfeller would now recommend that you get the inflatable pool out of the basement and light the grill. Alternatively, you can lie down in a darkened room and be satisfied. It’s nice too.

Here is the weather.

+++ barn fire in Biblis +++

The barn burned out completely.

6.27 a.m .: In Biblis (Bergstrasse) a 600 square meter wooden barn went up in flames. In addition to a workshop, agricultural machinery and unfortunately also several straw bales that were extremely flammable were housed in it. Several fire brigades from the county have been in use since the early hours of the morning to prevent the flames from spreading to an adjacent, unused cattle shed.

According to the information so far, no people were injured. Why it suddenly burned is unclear.

+++ Police arrest 38 year old suspect +++

6.09 a.m .: As our reporter Frank Angermund just learned on site, a 38-year-old man was arrested in the morning after the shot or shots in Frankfurt. This was confirmed by a police spokesman. The suspect is said to have shot his victim, a year older, in an underground car park in Sachsenhausen. The background remains unclear for the time being.

+++ man in Frankfurt shot down +++

Many police cars on street

6.00 a.m .: A man was gunned down and seriously injured at night in the Sachsenhausen district of Frankfurt. According to the police, he is currently being treated in the hospital. We do not yet know more about the backgrounds or a possible motif. According to our latest information, one person was arrested. We will keep you up to date in the ticker.

The shot or shots were fired around 11.30pm tonight. Nevertheless, the crime scene in Ziegelhüttenweg is still largely blocked off, numerous patrol and ambulances are there every hour. Some residents were still unable to return to their homes.

+++ good morning! +++

6.00 a.m .: Good morning from the editorial team. My name is Fabian Weidenhausen and I would be happy to start this Wednesday with you until 10 a.m. If you have any questions, comments or reasons for complaining, send me an email.

Fabian Weidenhausen
Fabian Weidenhausen


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