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During these days of social isolation, social networks have become the best tool for communication and updating. Inclusively, for the fun and the entertainment there have been some trends curious among usersAs challenges ranging from publishing favorite songs to cutting hair.

Precisely, it has been seen a lot in networks that some people have preferred to change their court, just because they have a new ‘air’ in the middle of the running of the bulls. Apparently, this was the case of Maluma, since the paisa artist shared a video in which he shows himself cutting his hair; yes, receiving help from his mother.

Throughout his career musical, Maluma has been seen with different haircuts and of various colors. Lately, the artist sported a blonde hairstyle, and then he made several network posts in the early quarantine, in which he was seen with very short dark hair.

The reggaeton player has passed the confinement in Medellín, his hometown, and from there he filmed a video in which he was seen himself manipulating a razor to shave his hair completely.

In the publication of the cut on Instagram, Maluma wrote: “How was the new look? Thank you mother. You broke it “, because, at the end of the video, it is his mom who helps him finish his new cut. “In this quarantine we do everything,” said the end artist between laughs.

Maluma He was not the only artist to be carried away by the trend of ‘look’ changes during the quarantine.

Singer Rosalía was a sensation in networks, because she recently showed how her new cut was, when she made the cocoon herself.

Also, the actress and singer Miley Cyrus was a trend in networks for her new haircut, although she received some criticism and ridicule. Of course, the star knew how to laugh at herself and published several memes about her ‘look’.

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