Malkovich once saved a person’s life

The world-famous actor John Malkovich, who will play in the upcoming performance of the Daile Theater, saved a person’s life almost ten years ago.

The world-famous actor John Malkovich will also play in the forthcoming performance of the Daile Theater “The Loneliness of the Cotton Countryside”.

According to, Malkovich saved someone from death almost a decade ago.

Actor John Malkovich has helped save the life of a man who suffered severe bleeding on the streets of Toronto, according to Canadian media. An Ohio tourist named Jim Wolpol (77) stumbled on a sidewalk after leaving a restaurant in downtown Toronto, east of King Street. Volpol cut his throat on the scaffolding and began to bleed heavily.

The actor, nominated for an Oscar, reportedly stood outside and smoked at Volpol’s wife, rushed to help the injured man and put pressure on the bleeding with a scarf until a doctor arrived.

“The way the man was bleeding seemed to me to be a carotid artery or a jugular vein,” said Volpolo’s wife, Marilyn, a retired nurse.

Volpol told CBC News, “I asked, ‘What’s your name?’ He said, “John.” And I didn’t ask for the last name, because I don’t think I’ll remember it. He added that Malkovich “did everything like a doctor”. Volpol was taken to a local hospital, where he was sutured and then released.

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