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– Due to a massive computer attack, the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of other state institutions are down, it is stated in a message from the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs showed for a while a message in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish, but at the moment it only comes a message that “this site is not available”.

– Ukrainians! All their personal data has been deleted and is impossible to recover. All information about you has become public. Be anxious and prepared for the worst, the message said.

The website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Management is also down.

Pointing to Russia

– It is too early to draw conclusions about the data attack. But there are many examples of Russian attacks on Ukraine in the past.

This was stated by a spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, according to the news agency Reuters.

This week has been marked by intense talks between Russia, the United States and NATO over the conflict in Ukraine.

Russia is dissatisfied with the fact that their demands for a guarantee against NATO enlargement to the east and the removal of soldiers and military equipment in “new” member states were totally rejected.

This is not the first time Ukraine has been subjected to computer attacks. In 2015, Russian hackers put parts of the power grid in western Ukraine out of action.

Operation Sandworm

According to the US Department of Justice There were six hackers employed in unit 74455 of Russia’s military intelligence, GRU, who were behind the attack.

The attacks lasted for several months. It is also aimed at Ukraine’s Ministry of Finance.

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