Main Symptoms of Omicron Variant Cough, Nasal Congestion to Shortness of Breath

JAKARTA, – Chair of the Infection Working Group for the Central Management of the Indonesian Lung Doctors Association (PDPI), Erlina Burhan, said data from a number of studies showed that symptom Most complained of Omicron infection patient is cough.

He said the symptoms were different from the complaints of patients infected with the Delta variant.

“I want to convey data from outside, the symptoms of Omicron are said to be the most common symptom is cough (89 percent), in contrast to delta, Delta used to be 80 percent fever,” Erlina said in a virtual press conference, Monday (24/1/2022).

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He added, in addition to coughing, patients infected with Omicron complain of weakness or fatigue, nasal congestion, fever and nausea or vomiting.

“So don’t think that a fever needs to be checked, it turns out that now coughing is a entry the points are as much as 89 percent,” he said.

Erlina said that her party had also observed the symptoms experienced by Omicron patients who were treated at the Persahabatan Hospital from January 10 to January 22, 2022. According to her, there were 17 Omicron patients being treated at the Friendship Hospital and the majority experienced symptoms of dry cough and sore throat.

“Dry batik (63 percent), sore throat (54 percent), cold 27 percent, headache (36 percent), stomach pain, fever (18 percent),” he said.

Furthermore, Erlina said, 6 of the 17 Omicron patients treated at Persahabatan Hospital had comorbidities.

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Therefore, he said, his party is trying to provide optimal care, reminding that there is a tendency for it to worsen if patients who have comorbidities are exposed to Covid-19.

“Indeed, we must be vigilant if there are comorbidities, because there is a tendency for these patients to experience worsening,” he said.

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