Sport Mahmoud Taher: I did not think about running for...

Mahmoud Taher: I did not think about running for the Football Association elections


Mahmoud Taher, the former head of Al-Ahly club, denied his intention to run for the presidency of the Football Association in the upcoming elections.

Taher said in televised comments to the program “OnTime Stadium”: “It has not occurred to me to run for the Football Association … More than two years ago I was away from the sports field … I do not know the reason for raising this question at this time?”

Taher also confirmed his support for Al-Ahly’s board of directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib: “What I see may not be the reality, because working from within is different from seeing from outside.”

He continued, “Every council should be left without pressure and protect it, and this I did not enjoy with my council during my work.”

He added: “He who loves Al-Ahly supports him and no one hopes that Al-Ahly will fall because he is a great edifice.”

Taher also called for changing the sports law, in order to allow the progress and development of Egyptian football, adding: “There must be synergy from all efforts to benefit sport and football, rather than disagreement over who comes as president of a federation or club.”

He concluded, “We want to be proud of sport just as we are proud of the current procedures on the Corona virus.”



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