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Madrid reopens playgrounds without a daily cleaning and disinfection protocol | Madrid


Most of the playgrounds in the capital’s parks, which had been closed since March 14, on the eve of the state of alarm decree, reopened throughout Monday, but at the moment it is unknown what their protocol will be. cleaning and disinfection to prevent the spread of covid, which is currently non-existent, despite the fact that the authorities promised that a daily cleaning would be carried out and despite the fact that the regional government establishes it in its decree of new normality.

On June 16, at a press conference from the Palacio de Cibeles on the occasion of the opening of swimming pools, the deputy mayor Begoña Villacís announced: “On Monday [22 de junio] We open the playgrounds and we are going to do it in safety, like everything we decided to open. Obviously we are going to clean on a daily basis, but I think it is also very important, especially with the playgrounds, that parents have to go to everything that the City Council does not reach. ”

However, many Madrid residents were surprised on Monday morning that their closest park was still closed and some decided to remove seals and tear down fences at their own risk. To questions from this newspaper, the mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida, admitted that not all the parks had been unsealed and claimed that it was not an easy company. “We are progressively opening the 2,200 children’s areas, due to the complexity of opening them and because we have to adopt the precautionary and hygiene measures that are absolutely essential,” explained Almeida at the reopening of the Amusement Park.

The mayor added that they are “aware that children’s areas have a particular risk” but, at the same time, they know that families “after so long want to take their children to play.” “That is why the opening is being carried out progressively and I am convinced that throughout today [por el lunes] the majority will be open ”, he advanced. Asked if there is a cleaning and maintenance plan for these facilities, such as public transport, Almeida indicated that they are talking “with the Community of Madrid to establish the appropriate protocol” and that the City Council will comply with everything specified by the Government. regional.

This morning, some children’s areas were still closed. Asked by the City Council for its number, a spokeswoman for the Environment area has not been able to specify it, but has assured that “most are already open”, at the same time that it has asked citizens that if they find marked zones they do not touch the seals , since these are facilities “not reviewed or certified, so they are still closed”. At the moment, the Municipal Police are not aware of any incident related to the parks, nor have they had to intervene in any of them because the parents have reopened it to the wild.

The spokeswoman has admitted that, on the second day of operation of the Madrid recreational areas, it still does not have a daily cleaning and disinfection protocol. The City Council alleges that it does not have personnel to clean 2,200 parks daily, “it would be impossible”, so, contrary to what Villacís promised, it is not being done. “We are waiting for specifications from the Community of Madrid,” they reiterate. “We are in communication with the City Council to advance the protocol,” confirms the Madrid Ministry of Health.

However, the decree published on Saturday by the regional government To regulate the new normality after the alarm state, it is very clear about it and establishes that cleaning and disinfection must be daily. It is in the fifty-sixth point of the decree, dedicated entirely to “playgrounds, recreational areas, playgrounds skate or similar public outdoor spaces. ” In it, it indicates that “they may be open as long as a maximum capacity of one person is respected for every four square meters.” In addition, “the necessary measures will be implemented to maintain the interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 meters or, failing that, the use of alternative physical protection measures.”

It also states that “the established hygiene and prevention measures must be applied, especially with regard to daily cleaning and disinfection of these spaces in the contact areas of common areas, such as games in children’s areas, appliances of physical activity or other urban furniture for shared use ”. Lastly, it recommends “having duly authorized and registered hydroalcoholic gels or disinfectants with virucidal activity, or a soapy solution in the case of spaces for children under two, especially in playgrounds. year old”.

Much smaller towns and with much less budget have chosen not to reopen all their spaces but a part to be able to assume their cleanliness. This is the case of Getafe, where the Sara Hernández City Council (PSOE) has decided that 35 of the 139 existing ones, distributed throughout the municipality, will be operational as of Monday. “They are disinfected once a day,” confirms a municipal spokesman, adding that “they are studying how to reorganize the disinfection to try to open more spaces little by little.”

The facilities have been previously disinfected by the municipal cleaning company LYMA, which used hydro-pressure water vehicles and various brushcutters, which have completed the work carried out manually to ensure the health and maintenance of the areas. LYMA has used a biodegradable bactericidal, viricidal and fungicidal product that is not harmful to people or animals. Of course, in Getafe’s parks there are no hydroalcoholic gel dispensers or soapy solutions as it is only “a recommendation”.

Other Madrid municipalities, such as the Pozuelo de Alarcón City Council (PP), began the reopening of these facilities in early May, so that as of Monday they were all available. In the park gates they have installed informative posters with the new rules of use and rThey carry out daily cleaning and disinfection., informs the Town Hall in a note.

The opposition has urged the government of the capital to open all the parks because “children cannot wait any longer”, while criticizing “lack of foresight”. Más Madrid does not understand that there has been no time to disinfect and remove all the seals. In a statement, Councilor José Luis Nieto wonders where the 800 cleaning workers promised by the Consistory are, who have not specified to this newspaper what troops they have. Nieto stresses that it is also unknown how he plans to comply with the maximum permitted capacities and asks the City Council to report them through posters.

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