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Maddie suspect had badpakjes in his motorhome-Abroad


That revealed in a German television documentary about the case of the disappearance of the British girl in Portugal.

Christian Brückner is currently in solitary confinement in a German prison. His attorney, Frederick, Fulscher said to him, and said his client any involvement in the kidnapping (and murder) in the British girl denies it. Would the accused is not to say, according to Fulscher.

The German police has, meanwhile, were searched by Brückner. According to Der Spiegel, a thirty-year-old motorhome, a Tiffin Allegro, turned inside out. There should be more children’s clothing were found. It would include bathing suits for little girls. Brückner had no children.

In the u.s. it is, however, possible to conclude that the camper will never be in Praia da Luz, the Portugese resort where Maddie, in 2007, that disappeared) is spotted. In Portugal, it would Brückner, another camper, as well as a black Jaguar, it is claimed.

There Is a link between the death and the maiden “Ruf”, and in the disappearance of Maddie?

In the garden at the back of a (run-down) house in the German-Am Füllerkamp in accordance with the program, and six USB sticks have found with there are 8,000 child pornographic images. Also found were the bones of a dead dog was found.

Claudia Ruf

Police are investigating whether the disappearance of the Maddie in connection with the case of the murder of 11-year-old German Claudia Ruf, It was 24 years ago, gang-raped and murdered in Grevenbroich-Hemmerden. The case was a cold case until, in 2019, the decision was made to have a large dna survey of 2400 men. The result will be this month. In a multi-media, it is speculated that, Christian Brückner, here as a potential defendant would be able to travel.



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