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Maddie McCann: Further details about the possible culprit – Cerne: “Noose is tightening”


Maddie McCann has been missing since 2007. Is there finally a breakthrough in the little girl puzzle? There are clear traces that lead to a German man. And not only that.

Update from June 4, 8:30 p.m .: New details about the crime against a German sex offender in the Maddie case. ZDFJournalist Rudi Cerne, in its broadcast Case number XY … unresolved The BKA’s investigations into a man in custody were made public, and he now commented on the knowledge available to him.

“We have to adhere to this point: there is still no body, there is no urgent suspicion of evidence, there is evidence, there are hints, there are tips, but there is no evidence and there is no confession,” said the TV host and reporters talking to the picture: “This is a Sisyphean task now, but the investigators are very careful and I have the impression that the noose is getting tighter and tighter.”

What came out now: Investigators were already after an earlier program in 2013 Case number XY … unresolved (ZDF) on the now suspect in connection with the Maggie case caught on.

Loud picture BKA investigator Christian Hoppe explained: “The information at the time was not sufficient for an investigation and certainly not for an arrest.”

Maddie McCann case: German suspect could have been released soon

Update from June 4, 2020, 2:35 p.m .: Explosive news about the German Suspect in the Maddie McCann case: The man has served almost two thirds of the current sentence – and was therefore about to decide on a possible one Parole.

This emerges from two decisions of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) of April 21 (Az. 6 StR 41/20). At the June 7th a court should actually decide whether the suspect remains in prison.

However, the 43-year-old’s revision in another criminal proceeding is pending with the judges at the Leipzig BGH branch. It concerns the rape of a 72-year-old American in Portugal in 2005.

The District Court of Braunschweig had therefore sentenced the German to seven years’ imprisonment on December 16, including previous sentences. However, this judgment is not yet final.

Maddie McCann case: German suspect is currently in custody

The man is currently serving an old prison sentence in Kiel, which the Niebüll District Court had already imposed on him in 2011. It was about Narcotics trading. In parallel, he is ordered to be held in custody for the rape allegations against him.

It would also depend on the BGH decision whether this U-custody lasts and thus seamlessly replaces the prison sentence served. Because the revision is about the enforcement of a European arrest warrant, the BGH stayed the proceedings and submitted them to the European Court of Justice. This is clear from the published decisions.

Maddie McCann case: Parents are “grateful” for the new investigation

Update from June 4, 2020, 2 p.m .: The start for Murder investigation against a German in the case of Madeleine “Maddie” McCann, who disappeared 13 years ago, the British girl’s parents hope to finally learn the truth about their daughter’s fate. Kate and Gerry McCann “Thank you” for the new investigation, her spokesman Clarence Mitchell said on Thursday on BBC television.

“Despite the long period, they haven’t given up hope of finding Madeleine alive,” added the spokesman. Nevertheless, they are “realistic”.

The parents finally wanted to know the truth about their daughter’s fate, the spokesman said. They needed certainty about what had happened to their daughter in order to bring those responsible to justice and “to find peace”.

Missing Maddie: German (43) suspected of murder – prosecutor assumes the girl’s death

Update from June 4, 2020, 1:02 p.m .: The Public prosecutor Braunschweig with spokesman Christian Wolters explains right at the beginning of the press conference that the 43-year-old German is being investigated for murder. “We assume that Maddie is dead,” says Wolters first. Among other things, the man became sexual Abuse already convicted. The accused is currently in custody in Germany.

Now investigators are hoping for new clues from confidants and witnesses. “I can only call on everyone to help,” clarifies Wolters in the press conference. Based on the current investigation, however, no further information could be given.

Update from June 4, 2020, 1:01 p.m .: The Braunschweig public prosecutor’s press conference can begin at any moment.

Maddie McCann misses: Parents comment on current events

Update from June 4, 2020, 12.55 p.m .: The parents of Maddie, who has disappeared for 13 years, will not continue to do so Suspect express from Germany. “They want everything to focus on the investigation now,” said press spokeswoman Clarence Mitchell on Thursday of the German Press Agency in London.

The parents also said that the current Happenings would feel more serious than the results of the past 13 years.

Maddie McCann missing: UK authorities are also investigating

Update from June 4, 2020, 12:48 p.m .: While the BKA on Wednesday said that it was assumed that the suspect Maddie McCann authorities in the UK are still investigating in one Missing person case. What information in a few minutes at press conference is not yet known.

Maddie McCann missing: press conference will start shortly

Update from June 4, 2020, 12.20 p.m .: In about half an hour, the Braunschweig authorities want to publish further details in a press conference. Media representatives from Portugal and England are also said to be on site, according to the world.

It is known in advance that the Suspect currently in prison Keel served. The reason for this is that the 43-year-old had been convicted of another matter in Schleswig-Holstein before the verdict in December at the Braunschweig Regional Court, as the German Press Agency learned on Thursday.

The Ministry of Justice in Hanover did not want to comment on request. However, a spokesman confirmed that the man is not in a prison in Lower Saxony, but in another state. In Braunschweig, the suspect was convicted in December 2019 of raping a 72-year-old American.

Maddie McCann misses: German has been convicted several times

Update from June 4, 2020, 11.30 a.m .: A German man is urgently suspect, the only three years old at the time Maddie McCann to have killed. Now a former neighbor of the man expresses brutal details. The 43-year-old is said to have had several criminal records*, including child sex offenses and the rape of a woman are charged to the man.

“He was always a little angry, went up and down the street quickly and one day, around 2006, he disappeared without a word,” the woman told Sky News.

Maddie McCann misses: Now the girl’s parents comment

Update from June 4, 2020, 9.49 a.m .: There is significant news that this BKA at the Wednesday in the ZDF broadcast “Case number XY” announced. Now the parents of the missing Maddie spoke up. Gary and Kate explained to Sky News McCannthat the current news situation is a “burdensome development”. They never gave up hope of seeing their little daughter again.

Despite the fact that the couple had been targeted by investigators in recent years, Gary and Kate McCann regularly appeared on TV around the world to publicize their Maddie’s disappearance.

Case number XY received information years ago* on the man.

Maddie McCann misses: The trace of a car even leads to Bavaria

Update from June 4, 2020, 8.15 a.m.: There are many questions that the BKA is asking the TV viewers of the ZDF broadcast on Wednesday “Case number XY” judged. Among other things, photos of two cars were published. While one car now belonged to the suspect, the then 30-year-old borrowed the VW T3 in the Portuguese Algarve. The cars could also have been used for the crime or possibly the removal of a body.

As the BKA in the ZDF broadcast explained, could the two eye-catching cars were noticed by holidaymakers* or can also be seen in photos. The Jaguar is a car from Germany that has also been registered in Munich and Augsburg in the past few years (see photos below).

Maddie McCann misses: Case number XY surprises with BKA appearance

Update from June 4, 2020, 6:20 a.m .: “We start with a message that has it all” – started with these words Moderator Rudi Cerne the broadcast “Case number XY “. No one suspected that one of the most spectacular murder cases of the century was probably about to be solved.

The BKA used the platform of the ZDF broadcastto familiarize a wide audience with the latest information. Because: the trace of the little girl leads to Germany. It has been missing from the then only three year old for 13 years Maddie every trace. Now there is an urgent suspicion of a man from Germany.

Maddie McCann missing: suspect from Germany – who can help?

“In order to be able to finally convict the perpetrator, the police need your support,” clarifies Rudi Cerne seriousness of the situation. Christian Hoppe from BKA specifies the suspicion of the crime in the live broadcast on Wednesday. Accordingly, the investigators are certain that the then three-year-old is dead. Her body has not been found yet.

In the case of the enlightenment, the ZDF broadcast “Case number XY” have brought the decisive hint. As Hoppe makes clear, there was a reference to the now suspect on the ZDF broadcast’s information telephone in October 2013. At that time, the parents of the missing girl were guests in the ZDF studio.

According to this, the information at the time should not have been sufficient for concrete investigations. A few years later, in 2017, there should have been another reference to the same man. The suspicion is now a concrete allegation that proceedings have been initiated on suspicion of murdering the girl.

Maddie misses: BKA asks for specific information – who knows these phone numbers?

TV viewers can now help to substantiate the suspicion of the man. The man is a then 30-year-old who is currently in Germany is in custody. At the time of the disappearance of Maddie The now 43-year-old lived in the small town in Portugal where the parents were on vacation with their children at the time.

A possible crime motive for investigators is a sexual offense, after all, the 43-year-old is currently serving a sentence for sexual abuse. It would also be conceivable that the suspect only wanted to break into the holiday complex and then change his motif when he saw the little girl.

Maddie misses: suspect is already in custody

A strong indication that speaks for the German is, according to Hoppe, the cell phone evaluation of the crime evening. Accordingly, the cell phone of the urgent Suspect be registered at the scene at the time of the crime. The then 30-year-old is said to have made a phone call. You will find the telephone number in our initial report (see below).

In the ZDF broadcast the man’s two vehicles were also shown in a picture (see below). Either could have been used for the crime. Holidaymakers could have noticed the two vehicles at the time. Investigators are also asked to provide information on two houses (see below).

So far, it cannot be ruled out whether there are co-experts in the case. “Please share your knowledge with us. Please consider the consequences for the victims and their relatives. We need your help! ”Explains Hoppe. The BKA, who works with the police in England and Portugal, is also asking any other victims of the man to report.

Photos of holidaymakers from May 2007 can be uploaded to the BKA via an information portal (see below). Photos of holiday resorts or landscapes with, for example, cars in the background can also be very important.

Maddie misses: Spectacular turning point – trail leads to Germany

Original message from June 3, 2020: Munich – is this the decisive turning point in one of the most sensational missing person cases of this century? In the case of the Madeleine missing for 13 years “Maddie” McCann the public prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig has launched a murder investigation against a 43-year-old German. As the Federal Criminal Police Office announced on Wednesday evening that the suspect has multiple convictions for sexual offenses – including against children – and is currently serving a longer prison term in other matters.

Maddie McCann / Case Number XY: Is There Finally Clarity? 43-year-old arrested

Like in the ZDF broadcast “Aktenzeichen XY”* it became clear that it should be a man from Wiesbaden.

The then three year old Maddie McCann was in May 2007 from a holiday resort in Portuguese Prai da Luz disappeared. Since then, there has been no trace of the British girl. A crime is not excluded BKA speaks of “Suspicion of killing a child”*. in the Case number XY studio was Christian Hoppe from Wednesday BKA to guest. He said: “The investigation leads us to believe that Maddie McCann was killed.”

Maddie McCann / Case number XY: The suspect lived at the place of disappearance

The accused lived in almost permanently between 1995 and 2007 Portugal, among others for a few years near Praia da Luz. During this period he pursued several odd jobs. It goes beyond that BKA assume that the alleged perpetrator also made his living by committing crimes such as burglary theft in hotel complexes and holiday apartments as well as drug trafficking.

In 2013, Maddie McCann’s parents (left) were guests of file number xy.

© dpa / Véronique Schwabeland

The ultimate suspicion is of a past broadcast Case number xy according to which there were references to the accused. As early as 2013, references to the man had already been received, said Christian Hoppe. Even after a report ten years after the girl’s disappearance, there were indications.
In the meantime, the suspicion has been strongly justified, but there is no solid evidence in addition to the evidence to convince the 30-year-old at the time of the crime. Therefore, it turns BKA now to the population.

Maddie McCann / Case number XY: BKA asks for help

  • The suspect led the area on the evening of May 3, 2007 Praia da Luz a long phone call with a Portuguese number. His interlocutor is still sought as an important witness. The person on the phone was using a prepaid cell phone that was not logged into the crime scene area. The number of the witness was: +351 / 91 65 10 683. That of the suspect +351 / 91 27 30 680. Who can provide information on the two mobile phone numbers or their users in May 2007 “Investigators believe that the person who made the call is a very important witness and call on them to get in touch,” it said Scotland Yard Notice.
  • The perpetrator may have committed further sexual assault or rape while in Portugal. Who also became a victim of the suspect and has not yet reported this to the police?
  • Who was in the Algarve in Portugal at the beginning of May 2007, especially in the region between Lagos and Prai da Luz or in the “Ocean Club” holiday resort from the Madeleine McCann disappeared and took photos / videos during his stay? The police are asking to take these pictures at BKA online information portal to submit.
  • In addition, the hopes police Information about two vehicles that the suspect might have used. Who saw the cars in 2007? Who knows the carriage holder? The police know the current location of the cars. The period around May 3, 2007 is relevant for your investigations.
  • On the one hand comes one VW T3 Westfalia in white-yellow with Portuguese registration in question. The actual owner of this vehicle is eliminated as a suspect

Did you see this VW T3 Westfalia in Portugal around May 3rd, 2007?


  • The other is about one dark red / aubergine-colored Jaguar XJR 6 with a German license plate that has been changed several times over the years. One of the license plates was one of the city of Munich, the last known license plate in May 2007 came from the city of Augsburg.

Did you see this Jaguar XJR 6 in Portugal around May 3rd, 2007?


For information that can be used to legally convict a suspect or to find Maddie McCain lead is a reward of up to 10,000 euros advertised.


* and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network


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