News Luxembourg launches its balances on Friday, France will postpone

Luxembourg launches its balances on Friday, France will postpone


Friday 26 June, the balances start in Luxembourg until 25 July, only six weeks after the reopening of the shops. A calendar consistent with the dates in spite of the grumbling of some of the independent traders who would have preferred to sell more expensive longer.

The luxembourg trade Confederation (CLC), which was a first time for a carry-forward of balances is ravisée, estimating, and help recreate the dynamics of purchasing in the shop, broken since the beginning of the confinement in mid-march.

“The stores could do the smaller prizes, which are, if there is nobody on the streets, it would have been a sword in the water […] with the balances, we can hope for more than crumbs for a few weeks “, writes Claude Bizjak, vice-president of the CLC, according to what he said in the press of luxembourg.

The balances as an accelerator of the recovery plan. Yes, clearly. Recovery Plan which, combined with the generous contribution of the State which will put the hand to the wallet up to 2 250 euros per employee three months on the basis of his plan to help reboot.

No derogatory regime

France has made the choice to shift from 24 June to 15 July, precisely in order to allow time for the shops to re-create their cash. The Moselle river, which receives each year an alignment of its balances with the Grand Duchy of luxembourg to resist the competition will not this time of derogation and will have to deal with a delay of almost three weeks on his neighbor.

“It has to do with, meets Carol Thil, president of the merchants association of Thionville (Apecet). We are living in a particular year, each on its proposals and is trying to sell its stock as it can be : private sales, discounts, since the opening, etc, At the level of the Apecet, we launched the site www.thionvillej’achè that works very well as the operation gift card which entitles you to a 10% discount in all the shops thionvillois and starts strong. “

Even so, some fear that their customers spinning in the Grand Duchy and move on to the next opportunity to sell. “We think to organize a sell-off in August to close the balances,” explains Carol Thil. Braderie which is advancing little that of September, which will take place on Wednesday 2.


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