Lower Saxony/Bremen: White Christmas not excluded

Every year the question arises: What will the weather be like around Christmas? In Lower Saxony and Bremen it could theoretically continue to be white, according to the German Weather Service.

The chance of snow at Christmas is still there in Lower Saxony and Bremen. “There is a possibility that there can also be a white Christmas in the lowlands, but that is still very difficult to predict,” said a meteorologist from the German Weather Service (DWD) on Sunday. For the coming days will be very unsettled.

Monday starts especially in the south of Lower Saxony with many foggy areas and partly slippery roads. The temperatures reach values ​​between one degree in the mountains and six degrees in East Friesland. On Tuesday, too, it will initially remain foggy and very cloudy with maximum values ​​of around two degrees, before it clears up a bit on Thursday night.

Sun and clouds alternate again and again on Wednesday. The temperatures reach zero degrees in Göttingen and up to two degrees in Bremen.

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