Low PSN Awareness, DHF is Still a Specter in Karanganyar

SOLOPOS.COM – The Regent of Karanganyar Regency, Juliyatmono and the Head of the Karanganyar Regency Health Office, Purwati while attending the Planning of the Mosquito Nest Eradication Movement (PSN) in DHF Endemic Areas at the Taman Sari Hotel, Karanganyar, Thursday (25/11/2021). (Solopos.com/Syifa Tri Hastuti)

Solopos.com, KARANGANYAR — Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is still a scourge that always appears every year in Karanganyar Regency. The number of dengue cases in Karanganyar in the last five years has fluctuated and peaked in 2019 with 838 cases, 8 of which resulted in death.

The Karanganyar Health Office said that the low participation of the community in the movement to eradicate mosquito nests made dengue fever unable to handle completely.

“In 2020 it decreased to 291 cases and in 2021 it fell again to 273 cases. The highest number of deaths due to DHF also occurred in 2019, namely 8 cases of death. In 2020 it decreased to 1 death case and in 2021 it increased again to 3 deaths. The three deaths are in the Districts of Jaten, Gondangrejo, and Kebakkramat,” said Head of the Karanganyar District Health Office, Purwati, Thursday (25/11/2021).

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This year, the most dengue cases were in Tasikmadu with 35 cases. Meanwhile, in endemic areas for three years in a row there has been an increase in cases spread across 50 villages and sub-districts.

Purwati said that PSN’s low awareness made the larva-free rate also low. Karanganyar Health Office has made several efforts to control the increase in DHF. Among them by intensifying socialization about the dangers of DHF, observing the risk factors for DHF. Then monitor larvae periodically and conduct epidemiological investigations (PE) on positive cases of dengue fever.

“We are also increasing public participation in the PSN movement. Empowering the community by training cadres in 50 villages or sub-districts endemic for dengue fever. Also, do fogging focus as many as 115 focuses spread across the Karanganyar Regency in 2021,” explained Purwati.

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Meanwhile, the Karanganyar Health Office also held a PSN Movement Planning activity in DHF Endemic Areas at the Taman Sari Hotel Karanganyar. This activity was attended by 60 participants consisting of 7 sub-district heads, 50 village heads and 3 representatives from the Health Office. This activity was also attended by the Regent of Karanganyar, Juliyatmono.

The Regent of Karanganyar, Juliyatmono, asked the sub-district, village head, and lurah to educate the public on the importance of PSN. In addition, it is also necessary to campaign for a clean and healthy lifestyle.

“Today, the declaration of the eradication of nests and mosquitoes was declared, because it was not only the nests that were eradicated but the mosquitoes as well. So the eradication of nests and mosquitoes to overcome, minimize, thankfully free from dengue fever. God willing, we are all healthy, better, and we are trying to mobilize the citizens to participate in coordinating with the wider community to be healthier, “said Juliyatmono.


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