Low but not critical blood reserves in the region

Blood reserves are at a very low level in the canton of Bern. Interregional Transfusion CRS is sounding the alarm and issuing an urgent appeal to donors. There is currently a shortage of some 150 blood donations per week in the canton, estimates the institution. An alarming situation which does not affect the Bernese Jura for the moment. You should know that in the region, blood donation is managed by Transfusion CRS Neuchâtel – Jura. We contacted its president Amira Sarraj and according to her, the situation is not critical even if it remains worrying.

The start of the year still tense

It is well known, the beginning of January always records a drop in blood stocks due to the absence of mobile teams during the holidays. But this year is still special. The Omicron variant indeed forces some donors to cancel their appointment at the last minute due to quarantine or contamination. There is also a problem with the workforce, even if the situation is under control for the moment on that side. And Amira Sarraj remains optimistic and hopes for an improvement by next week with the resumption of mobile teams. / ddc-friend


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