LOK Report – Baden-Württemberg: Electrified Southern Railway

In July 2021, after a three-year construction period, the electrification of the Südbahn, the railway line that runs from Ulm via Friedrichshafen to Lindau, was completed. Since then, the contact wire of the overhead line has been “live”. In the future, trains can travel here at speeds of up to 160 km / h.

The overhead lines, which carry a voltage of 15,000 volts, pose new challenges for the fire services, because a distance of less than 3 meters to the live systems can lead to a fatal electric shock. Theoretical training events for the fire brigades in the Lake Constance district, who are residents of the railway line, took place in July.

On Friday October 8th there was also a practical training by the Deutsche Bahn AG in the Ravensburg train station. A total of 90 members of fire brigades and aid organizations from the Lake Constance district, including officers of the state police, senior emergency doctors, employees of the integrated control center and the district office, the medical and rescue service organizations DRK and JUH, and the THW. Fire service members from the neighboring state of Bavaria were also there.

Experts and emergency managers from Deutsche Bahn explained the structure of the overhead line, the functions of the emergency shutdown and the grounding of the contact wire in an emergency. The members of the fire brigades in Friedrichshafen, Meckenbeuren, Eriskirch, Langenargen and Kressbronn were able to get an idea of ​​the protective mechanisms that are required to be able to work safely in the track area if an accident should occur in this area. All other subjects of the training were the features of various electric locomotives of different series on the program, which can be used on the railroad in the future.

It was important for the fire brigades and helpers to get to know the possibilities of the operator Deutsche Bahn AG and to define cooperation in an emergency. The youth fire brigades of the Ravensburg district took care of the catering for the participants on site, and we want to express our thanks to them here.

Press release District Fire Brigade Association Bodenseekreis e. V.


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