Business Logo Uncle Ben's is to be changed due to...

Logo Uncle Ben’s is to be changed due to racism-debate – world –


Uncle Ben’s is changing its Logo after the racism allegations.

In view of the ongoing Anti-racism-is protests in the United States wants to change the well-known rice brand, Uncle Ben’s Logo, showing a Black. The company wants to make its contribution to an end of “racist prejudices and injustices”, said on Wednesday the food giant Mars, one of the Uncle Ben’s.

Washington. That’s why is now the time the brand logo “develop”. “We don’t know yet how the Changes will look like exactly, and still don’t have a schedule, but we will examine all possibilities,” – said in a press release from the group.

Pepsi renames “Aunt Jemima”-brand after racism allegations

A step further, the Breakfast brand, Aunt Jemima, whose Logo shows a smiling African-American went. The Logo of the for more than 130 years, the existing brand will be abolished from the end of the year, as the parent company, Quaker Foods North America reported that belongs, in turn, to the consolidated financial PepsiCo. The brand, which manufactures, among other things, maple syrup, and baking mixes for pancakes to be renamed.


“We recognize that the origins of Aunt Jemima on a racial grounds stereotype,” the company said. The Logo had been changed over the years, over and over again, in order to be “appropriate and respectful”; such Changes are sufficient.

People have been demonstrating for weeks

In the US, many people against racism and police violence have been demonstrating for weeks. The trigger was the death of the African-American George Floyd by the brutal use of a white police officer in the big city of Minneapolis. The violence has led in the USA to an intensive debate on racism, the discrimination of Blacks and the time of slavery.



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