LIVE: Is Beerschot on his way to his first points in two months? | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 45′ – Yellow – Siebe Writers
  2. 38′ – Goal – Joren Dom (2 – 1)
  3. 24′ Free Kick Goal – Mauricio Lemos (1 – 1)
  4. 9′ – Goal – Siebe Schrijvers (0 – 1)
  1. 75′ – Yellow – Mathieu Maertens
  2. 71′ – Verv. Ramiro Vaca door Raphael Holzhauser
  3. 70′ – Cont. Arthur Allemeersch by Kaveh Rezaei
  4. 70′ – Cont. Mandela Keita by Alexis De Sart
  5. 52 ‘- Geel – Felipe Avenatti

For Beerschot, the situation looks worse every week. Will the Antwerp team take their first point in two months or will Marc Brys’ OHL push the home team a little deeper into the pit?

  1. second half, minute 78. Radic keeps Beerschot straight. Just now with Rezaei and now he likes Mercier from a shot on target. Nice defensive work by the Croat. .
  2. second half, minute 77. Sanusi does not get a penalty. Sanusi goes down after a tap from Maertens, but there is no penalty! Then it quickly goes to the other side, where Rezaei can’t get the ball between the posts at the first post! .
  3. Yellow card for Mathieu Maertens from OH Leuven during the second half, minute 75
  4. second half, minute 74. Maertens will also be in Van Damme’s book. The contact with Dom did not seem so bad and mainly from both sides, but yellow is yellow. .
  5. Holzhauser immediately asserts himself! Özkacar kicks the ball straight into Holzhauser’s feet, who immediately hits the farthest square! Runarsson is the only person in Leuven at a level in the second half and he illustrates that once again with a great save! . second half, minute 71.
  6. second half, minute 71. Replacement at Beerschot, Raphael Holzhauser in, Ramiro Vaca out
  7. second half, minute 70. Substitution at OH Leuven, Kaveh Rezaei in, Arthur Allemeersch out
  8. second half, minute 70. Substitution at OH Leuven, Alexis De Sart in, Mandela Keita out
  9. second half, minute 69. Foul Festival. The offenses have been taking the upper hand for a while and that is always at the expense of football. Beerschot certainly won’t mind, but can they keep it up for another 20 minutes? .
  10. second half, minute 66. Beerschot is also offensive once again. With a striker like Avenatti you do have a target for your crosses, but Vaca’s ball is about everything and everyone. .
  11. second half, minute 61. We are an hour away and OHL is fighting back into the game. Mercier is the man of the cross this time, but they miss someone with more presence for goal. .
  12. second half, minute 59. At OHL they get another ball in front of goal, but it doesn’t yield much. With more luck than skill it is De Norre who gets the ball tit from Maertens, but his ball touch misses all direction. In addition, the linesman’s flag also went up in the air. .
  13. second half, minute 55. At Beerschot they clearly opt for more duel power. The home team wants to get the pace out of every Leuven attack and they are succeeding in that for the time being. OHL barely had a chance in ten minutes. .
  14. Yellow card for Felipe Avenatti van Beerschot during the second half, minute 52
  15. second half, minute 51. Avenatti continues with Keita, who is too quick for him. That gets him yellow. .
  16. Runarsson keeps OHL straight! Runarsson keeps the visitors in the game! The Icelander has to make two or three attempts harmless and he is rightly angry with his teammates. . second half, minute 49.
  17. second half, minute 48. Dom Leuven’s loss of the ball seems to herald a chance for Avenatti, but he needs too much time to decide himself. Then it goes to Sanusi, who takes another corner. .
  18. second half, minute 47. Dewaest just falls short! Mercier quickly opens with a nice free kick. Dewaest is all alone on the second post, but just falls short to extend the leather in goal! .
  19. second half, minute 46. We play football again! The second half between Beerschot and OH Leuven has started! Can the home team continue on its momentum and continue the great series against OHL, .

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