Linz gets a new green district near the train station

“The focus of this entire project is sustainability,” said Prammer. Starting with energy generation – photovoltaic, solar and earth storage – to the subsoil: Because the “Post City Gardens” is based on the principle of the sponge city: Rainwater is stored in retention areas under the streets and thus supplies the planted trees.

The shape and placement of the towers are also no coincidence: on the one hand, they provide enough shade in the planned formation, on the other hand, they are aligned in such a way that the district is well ventilated in the increasingly hot summers – even at night.

“Huge Opportunity”

“If everything goes well, demolition can begin in 2023 and construction in 2024,” said Prammer. The entire “Post City” should then be ready for occupancy in stages by 2030.

“Thanks to the best location near the train station, there is a huge opportunity to recruit workers who do not live in Linz. You can be in Vienna in one hour and 15 minutes,” says Luger, who has already described the “Post City” as Linz’s new “business card”. The financing is also a plus, because it is extremely “financially friendly” for the city, as Luger explained. Because the developer is Swiss Post alone.

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