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LINE Thailand reveals interesting behaviors of Thais in using LINE in 2020, reflecting the New Normal lifestyle that uses technology on the LINE platform to help make life easier. Emphasize the real life infrastructure of Thai people

Can communicate with your heart, use filters on LINE.
Group Video Call is another popular feature for Thai people to communicate in real time with friends, family or even at work. With various communication functions including many filters and effects Considered a distinctive feature, LINE has become a chat app. It has always been popular with Thai people. By Thais, the most popular filter during Group Video Call is the number 1 in the world, and the Youth filter (color filter to make it look younger) has become the number 1 popular filter for Thais. Recently, LINE continues to bring the charm of these features in a new feature, LINE Meeting, which allows users to customize their self-portraits that appear during meetings to look good and fun with a variety of backgrounds, effects and filters to choose from. use In any case, you can join the call together. It is the use of technology to adapt to the behavior. The preferences of Thai people in a precise point

Stickers and melodies overtake every curve.
If talking about LINE, you can’t talk about stickers.In the past 63 years, the top 3 stickers with a landslide purchase amount within the first day of being sold in Thailand are Bright-Win stickers. The No. 1 champion reflects the hottest Boy Love trend of the year, showing the strong power of the 2nd fan, Circle Dukdik sticker by Thai artist. Outstanding character with uniqueness with a stirring gesture that hits the hearts of Thai people and Brown & Cony’s Eternal Love stickers with the LINE FRIENDS characters that have always been nimble. While the latest LINE MELODY side has expanded its music base more than doubled. To have more variety The top 3 indie-K-pop country songs are the top three buys in the past 63, including Think (but not) by Tilly Birds, Earth Patravee’s Prophet, and Three Man’s Rainmaker. Down reflects the current Thai pop music. That continues to dominate the hearts of Thai people until there is a hot purchase volume on top of the year

The lighthearted series is the champion of LINE TV, announcing the birth of new yearly content on LINE TODAY
In the section of LINE TV, the most popular content at the end of the year that Thai people watched the 3 rankings, namely, next in 2020, because we are together with 2gether The Series and Tiger Gibbons 2020, reflecting the popular behavior of watching good content Appease Easy to watch Whether it is funny or romantic to heal your mind during the countdown. That everyone has to keep their distance and are in a state of response to the second epidemic of COVID 19.

While LINE Today looks at the overall picture this year Found that Thai people love to read more But it is read through online platforms instead of real books, with the total views on LINE TODAY for the whole year as Thai people read almost 15 books each year *, an increase of almost 2 times from last year. Thai Probably inevitable risk of luck By content about the government lottery Continues to be the top hit content champion of the year Whether it’s watched LIVE every day, lottery draws are high, reaching over 3 million views every time. And the content reading of lottery results on LINE TODAY has also increased by 50% during lottery draw days. But interestingly, during the New Year’s countdown, it was found that the top 3 content that Thai people read at the end of the year was the most during 1 hour before the countdown (23.00 – 23.59 hours on 31 December .63) All of the contents are Mu Serm Mongkol, whether it is 10 auspicious foods that people around the world like to eat for the New Year! ‘Dr. Chang’ reveals 9 prayers across the year 2021, bang! And the prohibition of the brewing year Open the brewing solution in 2021, reflecting the behavior Especially fondness of Thai people in the content of faith for the New Year. What is your horoscope? Thai people must always know first! (* Calculated from A4 paper book, 200 pages, font size 14)

Eat, shop, take a big deal. Thai people adapt with LINE
When it comes to eating Which is believed to be a big deal for the Thai people. To the lock down step in some period This makes LINE MAN Wongnai’s online food ordering service to help meet the needs of Thai people daily life even more.In the past 63 years, LINE MAN Wongnai has traveled to deliver food to Thai people, totaling 158 million km. Or is equivalent to traveling from the southernmost point of Thailand, Betong, to the northernmost point of the country, Mae Sai, more than 7 thousand times together While the most popular menu that Thai people order through the Flash Deal promotion, the most landslide on LINE MAN Wongnai is the comfort food fried chicken menu for people of all ages. That were ordered to a total of up to 5.3 million pieces, which, if put together It is as high as Doi Inthanon 18 Doi quite (Doi Inthanon height 2,565 meters) and this menu also breaks the record. It is the fastest selling menu within just 7 seconds through the Flash Deal promotion as well.

While shopping behavior among the situation in the past year Social commerce has become a very popular form of shopping, so LINE has teamed up with “Pa Tu”, the most famous celebrity in Thailand, to create LINE SHOPPING x @TuesLIve, a new live broadcast program. That merges variety items Entertainment together To help both Thai entrepreneurs and consumers to have fun trading There is color in the tense of the epidemic. Until the response flow was better than expected With an audience of over 500,000 views every episode or almost 4 times the audience seats in Rajamangala Stadium ever! In addition, online storefront tools like MyShop are gaining popularity. Helping many Thai vendors to build their own online shop even in difficult times. Causing new products Many that in normal circumstances did not sell through online channels before, such as condos, cars or even holy gourds. And an annual ticket at a zoo, etc., reflecting the adaptive behavior of Thai entrepreneurs Turning to open online channels via MyShop on the LINE platform to reach customers in every situation.

63 years ago, there were various situations So much happened that made everyone adapt. New behaviors Never before, LINE has become a popular platform for Thais to use in their daily lives. Because not only the complete features Only the answer to usage, but LINE is also improving its usage styles to suit the lifestyle, thoughts and tastes of Thai people. And to better serve the infrastructure of Thai life (LIFE Infrastructure), LINE continues to develop its platform. To support Thai people to continue to pursue the vision of Life On LINE effectively.


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