Health Lili Estefan talks about his health problems

Lili Estefan talks about his health problems


In the three weeks that he was off the cameras, Lili had to stay in silence and do a rehabilitation to strengthen her vocal chords. Raul started to joke around saying that I hope your wife will the same thing happened. During the absence of Lili in the program, Clarissa Molina he was the one who took his place for a few weeks, to support Raul in the conduct of the show.

Clarissa Molina was the girlfriend of Raul de Molina for a few weeks the show

Before the pandemic, the production of The Fat and the Skinny it has taken the necessary measures to avoid a contagion among the members of the production, as well as their presenters. Lili Estefan, for example, has limited their outputs, in addition to stay at home beside their two children. For the health emergency, Enzino, the eldest son of the presenter, he returned to California due to the closure of the schools, and even, the graduation of their daughter from high school was online.

Lili Estefan©@liliestefan

In the meantime, Raúl de Molina is one of those that has had more care, to the point of wearing mask and gloves in your office, in addition to go out only for essential activities. In fact, the daughter of Raúl, of Mine of Molina, he had to return to Washington D. C. –where I was studying at the university—and it takes more than three months in the house of their fathers, in Miami.

Raul de Molina©@rauldemolina
Raúl de Molina is a cautious man

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