LIGUE 1, PSG | Sergio Ramos scored his first PSG goal in a big win

Paris Saint-Germain had few problems against Reims in Sunday’s Ligue 1 match. Sergio Ramos opened the scoring, while Lionel Messi was back after a corona infection.


Marco Verratti, Sergio Ramos, Danilo Pereira, as well as an own goal by Wout Faes ensured a big win and three new points for the superb league leader.

It was also gratifying for the French capital club that Lionel Messi was back on the field after being out with coronary heart disease since the beginning of January. The Argentine star was substituted in the 63rd minute and was the penultimate PSG player on the ball on the 3-0 score after just four minutes on the pitch.

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Verratti opened the scoring just before the break when a half volley ended via the left post and in.

After 62 minutes, Ramos doubled the lead for PSG after a corner. Angel Di Maria struck against Danilo Pereira, who had his attempt stopped at the line. On the return, however, Ramos appeared, who on his second attempt got the ball poked across the line.

See the score here:

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The former Real Madrid star has struggled a lot with injuries after the transfer to PSG last summer. Sunday’s match was the Spaniard’s fifth for the French giants club.

Only five minutes later, Verratti was in action in front of the Reims goal again. Lionel Messi received the ball after a corner, and stepped on to Verratti at 14-15 meters. The Italian fired off, and this time the ball went via Faes and up into the right corner.

– Marco Verratti, have you seen? It is not part of things that happen often, said an astonished Direktesport commentator Per-Jarle Heggelund when the Italian scored once again.

Eventually, however, it became known that Ligue 1 credited Reims’ Wout Faes for own goals, so that Verratti was left with only one goal.

But if that was not enough, Danilo Pereira waited up with a rocket fifteen minutes before the end. The finish from long range went via a Reims player and up into the right corner.

Thus, it ended with a recipe-based 4-0 victory for PSG.

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