Life is Strange Remastered Nintendo Switch Collection Delayed Again

The “life” of a game can also be strange and that becomes clear once again when the official Life is Strange Twitter account reopens delay announces. This time for the Life is Strange Remastered collection. Only the Nintendo Switch version has been delayed. The game for all other platforms will be released on February 1.

It is not really clear what hinders the development of the Switch versions of certain games. However, a postponement for the Remastered collection of Life is Strange, which bundles the original Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm, proved inevitable. A new release date was not disclosed.

Last year also ended quite turbulently for developer Dontnod and publisher Square Enix. This, after several messages about Life is Strange: True Colors the Switch version before the end of last year confirmed and this just happened in the nick of time. Those who want a physical version of that game will have to wait until February 25th. For now, True Colors is only available in the Nintendo eShop available.

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