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LGS questions and answers was published by the Ministry of Education 2020! A, b answer key booklet and numerical and verbal


After the pandemic the measures appropriate for the new system and sinav with the issues of question types covering the first semester of last year and in true Turkish Ministry of national education can be said to be parallel with the sample questions published each month. A new generation of Turkish Verbal Ability Questions consists of questions based on logic more. The weight of reading comprehension questions in this test, the students constructed questions that are associated with daily life both with texts higher-order thinking skills and attention skills were measured. In the form of graphics and tables interpretation of visual analysis and synthesis questions also measures the skills of students of distinguished questions. Grammar questions, the gains to be realized requires that the answer is clear on the subject these are the questions that the students can easily solve. The weight of this exam is based on reasoning skills in reading comprehension questions, texts, examinations of students in determining both the time required and the ability to use it correctly carefully read the questions. LGS questions to gain the habit of reading the book in Turkish, the word of knowledge and solution techniques has revealed the importance of the question could be called.

T. R. revolution history and Kemalism:
T. C. LGS 2020 revolution history and Kemalism course, when examining the questions, the students with the process of the pandemic by the Ministry of education is responsible for indirect units and this unit gains belonging to the first three questions sinav you will create the information that was given. LGS 2020 in accordance with the problem that was created. ‘A hero is born’ from the unit 3 ‘National Awakening: steps taken towards independence’ from the unit 4, ‘liberty or death!’ the question is asked from the unit 3, and thus it can be said that the question of distribution is balanced. A paragraph consists of longer questions compared to the past years, students have more difficulty in problem may cause. However, the questions are clear, in an easily accessible format to answer the questions asked. Has a question for open discussion. LGS also came the question from the topic of the Tanzimat edict, which has not been never asked before. Questions, the sample questions released by the Ministry of Education bears resemblance. However, the sample problem in skill-based questions in the style of the exam did not take part in map interpretation. Knowledge, comprehension (comprehension) questions and reasoning power of the students and also the majority of the senior level skills that measures laying down where I can remove it at the application level questions also can be said to be present. T. C made in the past years that we face on the concept of belonging to a true class revolution history and Kemalism are not used directly to measure the questions in this year showed. However, the importance of the concepts known by the students, some questions or concepts in the sentence is due to take place in the options. The concepts of the questions of national sovereignty and legally located in the options expiration, representation of the word is one example. Last year, the extraction of which is seen in the area in accordance with the information given the question that is desired to be performed this year were observed. On a question situated in the MEB textbook and other questions seen in the paragraphs taken from the words of Mustafa Kemal, considering the importance of the necessity of regular monitoring of the textbook reveals. Exam 1 negative, 3 oncullu in question took place. Oncullu some of the questions the student answer correctly the non-antecedent was ruled out in that could go straight to the answer. Engaged in regular courses, with the habit of solving the question, consider the following sample questions course book reading skills that are developed that can resolve every student who was easily sinav.

Performed in English this year compared to the previous years when the questions true questions that test higher-order thinking skills was given less room to. Published by the Ministry of education throughout the year with LGS compared to sample questions the questions the questions the degree of difficulty of the questions published are much lower than was observed. When questions of analysis and interpretation are given less space this year, mainly at the level of knowledge and comprehension questions sinav was prepared. Comments and analysis based on the answer to questions that require analytical thinking is clear. LGS this year’s English exam, carefully reading the content of the answers to the questions by the students, where they can be easily detected, word-based, non-they can do with the information in the past years, a series of questions in a spiral structure. Compared to previous years, this year, included questions to measure one’s vocabulary. While there are directly included questions to measure the knowledge of the English language, grammar and dialogs was used in further reading. Published by the Ministry of education, as given in the sample question and study the graphics on the test, reading and dialogue with question types are included. The first period was the question of that cover all the topics. It is not a controversial question in the exam, and questions on the students ‘ communication skills measure that includes questions that relate to everyday life.

All questions consists of 8th grade gains. Questions clear, understandable and clear, he said. Sinav, the more the student’s interpretation, inference-making skills were measured. On the topic of fate in question, with whom will the students seem trivial, will, by comparing the last expression in the concepts of Labor and the text by paying attention to the best will be able to reach the correct answer. Charity-I concubine of the student in question or a comment related to the topic of the need to make that statement.

Published by the Ministry of education in general Sciences questions from the book of the gains and Mone prepared in accordance with the logic of questions has been in parallel with the sample, but b is not coercive in general. The texts in question are written in a language comprehensible. Reading, comprehension and inference of the power of the measured questions are included. As mentioned in the sample questions graph questions more is not mentioned. The sample questions on the exam even though it takes place in is not the kind of question that can be achieved. General information of the experiment in question 8 in the exam one question questioned the 2nd unit. Sinav exam consists of questions more than last year’s.

All of the questions, students questions in order to make a more casual somutlastirara comment, figure, graphics, tables, such as used images. Previous LGS exam math literacy comes to the fore again. The majority of the questions published by the Ministry of education was in line with it can be said that the sample questions. The questions in the narrative using clear language, and has provided a more comfortable daily life associated with understanding. Taxonomical analysis of questions that measure higher-order thinking skills such as analysis and intensive that can be observed, but the grip level has questions. It is more of the process steps in most of the questions and because of this, some students were experiencing discomfort at the time the control point was observed. Half of the exam that is in the middle of hard and easy difficulties it is possible to say the rest. All questions as stated by the Ministry of education, the number of questions and it covers topics of the first semester according to the location of the distribution, it is apparent that they are very close to each other. The test for the level of difficulty of math courses were not very different from previous years. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the math of determining the course of the exam will be again.



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