LG One:Quick Series, LG’s Luxury Remote Meeting Solution


LG One:Quick Series provides a new way of interacting and getting work done with collaboration without having to be hindered by distance and space. Photo: LGEIN doc

JAKARTA – PT LG Electronics Indonesia (LG) released a communication solution for business needs through the LG One:Quick Series.

In a way, the LG One:Quick Series is a luxury video conferencing solution. Although centered on the LCD-LED screen as a display media, the support for features is many and varied.

In essence, the solution is an All-in-One Video Conferencing Display device to make communication between colleagues and remote business meetings comfortable.

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“The goal is that different spaces are no longer a barrier to interaction to delay major business decisions,” said Agustian Yusetia, General Manager of IT & ID B2B Business Solutions at LG Electronics Indonesia.

The impact, according to Agustian, is clearly more effective. “There is no need to wait for all personnel to attend, it can reduce operational costs related to travel, there is also a balance between work,” he explained.

LG One:Quick consists of three sets of business communication solutions. The three are LG One:Quick Works (model 55CT5WJ), LG One:Quick Flex (model 43HT3WJ) and LG One:Quick Share (model SC-00DA).

It’s easy to tell the difference. Quick Works and Quick Flex use Windows with a touch screen, and can be operated like a phone/tablet. Meanwhile, Quick Share is a wireless screen sharing solution.

LG One:Quick Works

Collaboration solution between PC, 4K camera (120° wide, 4x zoom and Auto-Framing and Voice-Tracking features), microphone, speaker and digital whiteboard measuring 55 inches with UHD resolution.


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