LG Introduces Large Capacity Washing Machine with Superior Features Steam and AI

Merdeka.com – In the final quarter of this year, PT LG Electronics Indonesia introduced the latest large capacity washing machine with a capacity of 20 kilograms, namely the F2720SVRV.

This front loading washing machine has two main features, namely deeper cleaning of allergens through the LG Steam feature and better clothing care thanks to the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

“This washing machine is a solution for this era, when users demand more from their washing machines. Deeper cleaning, better clothing care with a larger capacity,” said Kris Lee, Product Marketing Director of Home Appliances at LG Electronics Indonesia, in a release yesterday.

According to Lee, this feature makes it easy to predict that this washing machine will reap a positive response in the market.

The ability to clean from germs and allergens as well as the use of moisture in a washing machine is not new. However, the innovative feature of the LG Steam feature lies in its ability to generate, while maintaining the hot temperature of steam at a level of 60 degrees Celsius during the cleaning process.

Its ability to maintain the temperature at optimal levels in the washing cabin is important, because it will not only release fine dust or mites, but also other materials that trigger allergies.

“For this ability, this LG washing machine has received international recognition in the form of a British Allergy Foundation (BAF) certificate which states the level of effectiveness of its ability to reach 99.9 percent to get rid of mites and allergens,” said Lee.

Products with BAF certificates are easily recognized by the special logo affixed to their products. The imposition of this logo is because BAF certificates are accepted in 135 countries around the world.

In addition to offering larger washes, better clothing care is also an advantage of this LG washing machine with dimensions of 700 millimeters x 770 x 990. This ability is thanks to an advanced sensor called AI DD (Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive).

This sophisticated sensor not only brings sensor capabilities to conventional washing machines that detect the total weight of laundry, but the support of artificial intelligence makes this washing machine capable of distinguishing washes based on the characteristics of the clothes material. For example, between shirts and pants, although both are made of cotton, they have different levels of softness, so the handling of washing is also not the same.

“This ability to distinguish between layers of foresight makes them more capable of caring for clothes,” added Rumbi Simanjuntak, Head of Product Marketing Home Appliance at LG Electronics Indonesia.

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Supported LG ThinQ Application

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Complementing its intelligence, this washing machine is also supported by LG ThinQ. This LG-style development smart platform is in the form of an application that can be downloaded on smartphones based on Android and iOS. Through WiFi connectivity, users can control this washing machine only by selecting the menu on the smartphone. Among them are starting the washing, selecting a certain washing cycle to deactivating it.

Although it has a large tube capacity, it will not make the need for a longer washing time. This is because LG has embedded the TurboWash feature to minimize the need for washing time without reducing the performance of the results. The unique motion of the TurboWash feature makes this new LG washing machine only takes 49 minutes to complete one wash cycle.

“It is this complementary combination that makes it ideal for families. The washing capacity is large to accommodate more family clothes, while TurboWash cuts washing time which provides more quality time for families,” said Rumbi Simanjuntak.

Currently, the marketing of the F2720SVRV washing machine is immediately widespread in various electronic store chains in Indonesia. To ask for her hand, LG gave a benchmark price range in the range of Rp. 18 million.



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