Entertainment Let's dance: tears on the stage by Ekaterina Leonova!

Let’s dance: tears on the stage by Ekaterina Leonova!


Finally it’s “Let’s Dance” again! And the start of this year’s season is already starting promising.

Who is going toLet’s dance“The new” Dancing Star 2020 “? Which celebrity will dance across the floor with which professional? And will Laura Müller (19) and her Michael Wendler (47) as part of the program Oliver Pocher (42) meet?

Hardly a season was talked about as much as this one. In the past few weeks, Oliver Pocher’s parody of Michael Wendler and his Laura has made many headlines. Pocher was a candidate for the show last year, Laura will be there this time. It is not unlikely that the comedian will be present in the studio. Also made headlines Ekaterina Leonova (32). The record winner will not be a professional dancer this year, but will only have a guest appearance today and otherwise act as a backstage reporter. So a lot of tension before the first show – whether it will meet expectations?

In the video below you can see all candidates who are dancing for the title “Dancing Star” this year.

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Brilliant “Let’s Dance” start

The opening started spectacularly. Instead of the regular single dances (from the second show), there will only be group dances today. However, as usual, these will be chosen by the jury Jorge González (52) Motsi Mabuse (38) and Joachim Llambi (55) can be assessed. The celebrity with the most points receives de wildcard and is protected for Show 2. At the end of the introductory show, the dance couples will be announced. So anything but a boring premiere.

And then it started! The professionals started with a medley of Let Me Entertain You “(Robbie Williams),” Shake Your Body Down To The Ground “(The Jackson 5) and” Pegate “(Ricky Martin). Even Motsi Mabuse couldn’t do it here take the dance leg to swing. And in her mini dress she definitely made a great figure.

At the first dance of the evening, Ulrike von der Groeben (62), Loiza Lamers (24) and Luca Hänni (25) show what they can do. Ulrike, in particular, had her difficulties during the dance, often danced and danced a little “after”. But it is the first broadcast after all – there is definitely still potential for development. Before the jury criticized it, there was a serenade from the studio for professional dancer Christina Luft, who is celebrating her 30th birthday today. Finally, for the first group there was praise but also criticism for the professionals. “Great start, great energy, lots of fun,” was Jorge’s nice verdict. While Motsi found: “Ulrike, things didn’t go as they should”. But even with the experienced jury there was a mistake: They did not know that they had to distribute the points at the same time and were waiting for the “Let’s Dance” voice Patrick Linke. He only said smugly: “That’s not what the text says. Please the points at the same time.” A funny incident that not only made the audience smile.

Update 9:09 p.m.:

Immediately after the advertising break, a question was answered that everyone asked: Where was John Kelly actually? Unlike all the other candidates, he has never been to the studio. The reason for this was a concert by the Kelly Family! John was still on the stage. The madness! Now he will fly extra from Rotterdam to Cologne – will he make it in time for his appearance?

Tears on the stage by Ekaterina Leonova! With Pascal Hens (39) they put down their favorite dance of the last season. At the end of the performance, Ekat was completely overwhelmed by her feelings and burst into tears. But the audience and the jury were also extremely emotional and gave them a standing ovation that lasted for minutes.

After the emotional performance, the same thing went on: Moritz Hans (23) performed the next group dance, Steffi Jones (47) and Sükrü Pehlivan (47) on the song “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles. A great first appearance by the celebrities with a real goosebump feeling – and once again a standing ovation!


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