Leonard Schwebel. Mexican presenter explodes against anti-vaccines

GUADALAJARA.- The Mexican presenter Leonardo Schwebel called the anti-vaccines a “ball of morons” during a live news broadcast on January 12, 2022.

While I was on your show’He put‘ from Guadalajara News, the communicator showed the audience how to use a face mask correctly. After that, he addressed all the people who, for various reasons, they refuse to receive the covid-19 vaccine.

“You anti-vaccine, bunch of morons, get rid of sinks and at least put on the damn face mask“said the journalist, raising his voice.

The video of the broadcast soon went viral on social media.

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The driver made a special appeal in an intense way to the anti-vaccines, where he said that with their freedom and without wearing the mask properly they could cause more infections, even to those who already have even booster doses.

“Freedom does not give you the right to screw your neighbor,” said Leonardo.

After the video went viral, Leonardo Schwebel, assured in an interview that sometimes you need to scream for people to deal with a problem.

“It is not a question of scolding. Look, I made a similar video on my social networks Y absolutely nothing happened, then, sometimes you have to shout for people to put on, if I had said it normally: ‘sir, please, put on the mask, I ask you please,’ believe me, I would not be here with you today, “he assured.

He added that, although they can point to him as “crazy”, what his video generated is that the issue of the proper use of face masks and vaccination entered the public debate. Too assured that he has received threats wishing him to get infected; it is included, to death.

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