Legit, Daihatsu Starts Lowering Prices for Ayla and Sigra

SAMARINDA, KOMPAS.com – The government officially announces the extension of the PPnBM discount 0 percent for car genre low cost green car (LCGC) with different schemes.

The existence of this policy is immediately welcomed Daihatsu by lowering the price tag of the cheap car, namely: Ayla and Sigra, on January 19, 2022.

Marketing and Customer Relations Division Head PT Astra International Daihatsu Sales Operation (AI-DSO) Hendrayadi Lastiyoso said the prices for Ayla and Sigra had been revised again following the latest regulations.

“The price of LCGC has changed, since yesterday (19/1/2022) it has contained 0 percent PPnBM. At the beginning of last month it had gone up, but because we comply with the rules, it was 0 percent, the price went down,” said Hendrayadi on the sidelines of the adventure. Terios 7 Wonders in Samarinda, Borneo East, Thursday (20/1/2022).

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photo" data-photolink="http://otomotif.kompas.com/image/2022/01/21/082200915/sah-daihatsu-mulai-turunkan-harga-ayla-dan-sigra?page=2" style=" max-width: 100% ; width:750px ">ADM Daihatsu Sigra

Furthermore, Hendrayadi said that the government has stated the application of the 0 percent discount on the LCGC, including the rules. Therefore, price revisions can be carried out immediately.

Meanwhile, the price reduction for Ayla and Sigra compared to early January is claimed to vary, depending on the variant presented.

“The price decreased by around Rp. 3 million to Rp. 4 million compared to yesterday’s increase, depending on the variant. So now Ayla and Sigra have 0 percent PPnBM, we have adjusted to that rule,” said Hendrayadi.

As is known, the government through the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto, has ensured that LCGC can enjoy tax discount 0 percent during the initial quarter or through March 2022.

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In the second quarter, the PPnBM discount is only given by 2 percent, which means there will be an increase, as well as in the third quarter which is only 1 percent until prices finally return to normal towards the end of 2022.

photo" data-photolink="http://otomotif.kompas.com/image/2022/01/21/082200915/sah-daihatsu-mulai-turunkan-harga-ayla-dan-sigra?page=3" style=" max-width: 100% ; width:750px ">Daihatsu GIIAS 2021KOMPAS.com/STANLY RAVEL Daihatsu GIIAS 2021

Following update Sigra and Ayla prices with 0 percent PPnBM:

– Ayla 1.0 D MT Rp 107,600,000 down to IDR 105.800.000
– Ayla 1.0 D+ MT Rp 120,000,000 down to IDR 118,000,000
– Ayla 1.0 X MT Rp 131,000,000 down to IDR 128.800.000
– Ayla 1.0 X AT Rp. 140,250,000 down to IDR 137,850,000
– Ayla 1.0 X DELUXE MT Rp 138,350,000 down to IDR 136,150,000
– Ayla 1.0 X DELUXE AT Rp. 147,600,000 down to IDR 145,200,000
– Ayla 1.2 X MT Rp 142.800.000 down to IDR 140,100,000
– Ayla 1.2 X AT Rp 153.100.000 down to IDR 150,100,000
– Ayla 1.2 R MT Rp 149,850,000 down to IDR 147,050,000
– Ayla 1.2 R AT Rp 162.650.000 down to Rp 159.550.000
– Ayla 1.2 R DELUXE MT Rp 153.850.000 so it’s down Rp 151.050.000
– Ayla 1.2 R DELUXE AT IDR 166,650,000 so it’s down IDR 163.550.000
– Sigra 1.0 D MT MC Rp 125,450,000 down to Rp 123,150,000
– Sigra 1.0 M MT MC Rp 136,050,000 down to IDR 133,550,000
– Sigra 1.2 X MT Rp. 145.700.000 down to Rp 142.900.000
– Sigra 1.2 X MT DLX Rp 151,200,000 down to IDR 148,400,000
– Sigra 1.2 X AT Rp 158.800.000 down to Rp 155.700.000
– Sigra 1.2 X AT DLX Rp. 164.300.000 down to IDR 161.200.000
– Sigra 1.2 R MT MC Rp 152.300.000 down to IDR 149.300.000
– Sigra 1.2 R MT DLX MC Rp 156.100.000 down to Rp 153.100.000
– Sigra 1.2 R AT Rp. 165.400.000 down to Rp 162.100.000
– Sigra 1.2 R AT DLX Rp 169,200,000 down to IDR 165,900,000

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