News Legal Medicine clarifies the cause of death of a...

Legal Medicine clarifies the cause of death of a girl in Barrancabermeja


This week the authorities of Barrancabermeja clarified the cause of the death of a 7-year-old girl, on which case it was preliminary stated that it had to do with gunpowder intake.

In fact, the second week of January, when it was known about this episode, the Barrancabermeja Health Secretariat itself supported this hypothesis, however, in the last hours a statement by a high delegate of the Prosecutor’s Office gave a turn to the case.

“Initially when it is approached by the health authorities, there are some diagnoses that are available for medical care and important work is carried out there, and when the girl dies automatically she touches on the competence of the Attorney General’s Office and is when it is arranged to practice a necropsy through the National Institute of Legal Medicine, sectional of Bucaramanga, and the approach of that diligence is made.

The opinion indicates that the cause of death is eminently natural, in fact, due to perforated appendicitis, ”said César Rojas Arias, sectional director of Prosecutors of Magdalena Medio.

According to the official, “the investigation is our responsibility. Regarding this investigation, the prosecutor will have to address other issues if he considers them pertinent, to clarify if there was another situation that has affected the death of the child.



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