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League MX. Fake photo of Tucazo who cheated for almost 30 years, until today

Edgar Malagon Medel

Mexico city / 22.06.2020 18:00:34

All the fans of Pumas know the history of the Tucazoone memorable shot made by Ricardo Ferretti at the End of Back to the America in the 1990-91 seasonbut what few people know is that nearly three decades of that, the photo that is often used to illustrate the unforgettable goal of the Tuca is “false”; it does not correspond to that shot.

This June 22, 2020 are met 29 years of Tucazo that gave the glory to the college with that shoe in that, interestingly, did not mean the victory in the overall, but the tie 3-3, but the criterion of goals scored by a visitor at that time it was valid in the End, that is why Pumas was Champion after put two goals in the Azteca in the first leg.

The key in the ‘fake photo’ of the Tucazo

The goal of the Tuca Ferretti was achieved in the first time and in the video it is appreciated to the goalkeeper, Adrian Chavez, ordering his barrier starting with Luis Roberto Alves “Zague” on the right side, followed by Edú, Toninho, and Jesus Eduardo Cordoba.

However, the photo that is often used in the media to play that both of the Tuca has as a key in the barrier appears to Juan Hernandez with the number 2 and not Cordoba.

The photo Mexsport it is of the same party, but from another free-kick from Ferretti in the second time, he crashes into the barrier. At least, so they have catalogued and tagged in your file.




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