LE CAILAR The breeder Renaud Vinuesa will participate for the 8th time in the gala des Crinières d’or

Renaud Vinuesa breeds Camargue horses and bulls in Le Cailar. His daily life is punctuated by that of his animals. He will participate in the famous gala of the Golden Manes at the Cheval Passion show, which takes place from January 19 to 23 at the Avignon exhibition center.

This is the 8th time that he will tread the sand of the gala floor. He will present his new show “The Camargue today” with his herd made up of around thirty Camargue mares and foals, his bulls and a few riders. “We will start from pastoralism, the handling of the herd and then get out of it and show that the Camargue horse is a modern horse that can adapt to other disciplines, such as jumping or dressage. We are going to confront these two historical and current counterparts”, explains Renaud Vinuesa.

This show promises a journey with the Gardians between the river and the Mediterranean, on the borders of the Rhône delta. But also an exit from the beaten track of agricultural work to which the Camargue horse is often confined. A true lover of his land, Renaud Vinuesa has been the Camargue’s ambassador for nearly 30 years on the major equestrian scenes in Europe and elsewhere: Paris, Rome, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Morocco… And it is with pleasure that he returns once again to Avignon with this new show: “We’ve been preparing for it for six months. We still tremble with fear of another cancellation of Cheval Passion.”

Six performances with a capacity limited to 2,000 people

We cross fingers. Especially since he is not the only Gardois on the program for this 2022 Golden Manes gala. Iberian stallions. He practices free work and dressage and is also one of the main breeders of Lusitano horses in France with more than 30 births per year.

Other highlights of the gala: the passage of the Republican Guard cavalry in a carousel with lances and drums. Caroline Osmont-Patiño, international Grand Prix rider, writer and Franco-Colombian actress, will also come to the track for the first time. She will offer her show entitled “Black Tide” to raise awareness of the ecological cause. She brown, his black mare, will symbolize with aesthetics and poetry all the stages of an oil disaster.

A total of six performances are scheduled from January 20 to 23, always hosted by Calixte de Nigremont. The ephemeral performance hall being limited to a gauge of 2,000 people, an additional performance is scheduled for Sunday at 11 a.m. Another may be added in case of high demand.

Mary Meunier

Prices: from €28 to €50. Ticket office on www.cheval-passion.com. Telephone: 08 92 05 30 05.

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