Lawyers continue to fight despite glyphosate comparison

In the settlement negotiations, did Bayer capitalize on the fact that due to the corona crisis, there are currently hardly any lawsuits with juries in America?
Image: EPA

Bayer announced a comparison this week of its herbicide glyphosate. It’s about just under $ 11 billion. Critics doubt that that’s enough.

BAyer announced a nearly $ 11 billion settlement of its weed killer glyphosate this week and hopes to resolve the related litigation in America. But not all plaintiffs’ lawyers have approved the agreement. Of the 125,000 lawsuits, 30,000 remain unsolved. Bayer believes that the settlement now closed will pave the way for the remaining cases to be resolved soon. A provision is already included in the total.

The lawyer Fletch Trammell, who represents 5000 plaintiffs with his law firm in Houston, Texas, is one of those who want to continue fighting. In an interview with the FAZ, he said that Bayer had offered him “not nearly enough” in the settlement negotiations, and that an agreement was a long way off for him. He was still ready for comparative calls and would be happy to take Bayer’s calls. In the meantime, however, he is preparing for processes for his clients. He considers it premature that the group gives the impression that the legal uncertainty surrounding glyphosate has been eliminated by the comparison: “It is clearly not over.”


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