Latvia has started coordinating the issue of possible plans of the United States to send soldiers and armored vehicles to Eastern Europe

According to Galkins, the issue has been coordinated with the United States regarding the plans to send troops and armored equipment to Eastern Europe, but no details will be provided yet.

Given the current situation, it is undeniable that the strengthening of military capabilities in Europe is necessary, taking into account Russia’s actions both in Ukraine and in Belarus, therefore Latvia definitely supports such an approach, Galkins explained.

It is now important for Latvia, like all NATO allies, to be ready for any scenario. Therefore, the diplomatic dialogue must be complemented by military deterrence and continued support for Ukraine’s defense capabilities, Galkins said.

Since 2014, the US Armed Forces has been on a rotating basis in the Baltic States in the Atlantic Resolve training operation. Dozens of US soldiers are currently staying in Latvia for this operation.

However, Galkin did not comment on the news in The Times last week that Britain is considering sending several hundred more troops to the Baltic states, given the concentration of Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders.

U.S. President Joe Biden has already reported that he is considering sending several thousand U.S. troops, including warships and planes, to NATO’s Baltic and Eastern European member states, the New York Times reported on Sunday, citing administration officials.

At a meeting on Saturday at President David’s residence, high-ranking Pentagon officials unveiled Baiden with a number of options to move U.S. military assets well closer to Putin’s doorstep, officials said.

These options include sending 1,000 to 5,000 troops to Eastern Europe, as well as a tenfold increase if the situation worsens.

Biden is expected to make a decision earlier this week.

Britain is considering sending several hundred more troops to the Baltic states and Poland in the wake of the concentration of Russian troops on Ukraine’s border, the newspaper told Britain on Friday, saying the move was aimed at deterring Russia.

For several weeks now, tensions over the concentration of Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders have been easing, raising concerns about another Russian invasion in Kiev and the West.

Russia denies allegations of an invasion of Ukraine by its troops. According to Putin, Moscow is taking a defensive stance due to fears that Kiev is getting too close to NATO.

At a video summit on Dec. 7, Biden warned Putin that the United States would impose unprecedented sanctions on Russia if it attacked Ukraine.

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