Latin America imposes restrictions on travelers from six African countries

Latin America reacts to contain the spread of the new Omicron variant. Cuba will increase restrictions on travelers arriving from the African continent. Plus a PCR test. DIRECTOR OF EPIDEMIOLOGY OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH, FRANCISCO DURAN “They will be required to comply with a mandatory seven-day quarantine.” Brazil, with more than 614 thousand deaths from Covid, will close its borders to travelers arriving from six southern African countries and Argentina announces. CARLA VIZZOTI. ARGENTINE MINISTER OF HEALTH “People who may have been on the African continent in the last 14 days, entering by land or on cruise ships (maritime). They must have a PCR test, regardless of whether they are fully vaccinated or not. They must self-isolate during 14 days and undergo a PCR test to minimize the possibility of propagation or entry of this variant “The same will be done by Chile with passengers coming from those African countries and in the case of residents they advertise. UNDER SECRETARY OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH, ALBERTO DOUGNAC. “Returned Chileans and foreign residents who have been in any of these countries must have PCR tests to begin and comply with quarantine for at least seven days, regardless of their negative PCR result and vaccination status.” The one who downplays the Ómicron variant is the Mexican president.


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