Latest Information About the Price of Realme C35, HP Entry Level Flagship Design, Jakarta – Realme has launched Realme C35 for the Indonesian market last month. Realme claims this product is an entry-level smartphone that has the most beautiful design stylish in his class.

Marketing Director of Realme Indonesia, Palson Yi, said that his party believes that everyone has the power to stand out. Therefore, this smartphone comes with a flagship design in the entry-level class.

Not only does the design look beautiful, smartphone This is also claimed to be the thinnest and lightest device in the C Series class. From monitoring Techno Liputan6.comFriday (13/5/2022), Realme apparently updated a little Realme C35 price in Indonesia.

Quoting from the official website, the Realme C35 is now priced at IDR 2,149,000 for the 4GB RAM variant with 64GB ROM. While the 4GB RAM variant with 128GB ROM is sold for Rp. 2,349,000.

For information, the retail price for the 4GB RAM variant with 64GB ROM is IDR 2,399,000, while the 4GB RAM variant with 128GB ROM is IDR 2,399,000.

Smartphone This comes with two color choices in Indonesia, namely glowing green and glowing black. For specifications, this Realme cellphone is equipped with the Unisoct T616 chipset.

Realme also immersed the Dynamic RAM Expansion feature up to 7GB and became the first in the Realme C Series.

To support its performance, realme mobile It has a 5,000mAh battery and 18 Quick Charge technology. Company claims smartphone it can last up to 39 days in standby.

Realme C35 comes with a 6.6-inch screen and the first FHD resolution is present in the C Series, and has a brightness level of up to 600 nits. In addition to the claimed design stylish, smartphone It also comes with a triple rear camera configuration.

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video-gallery--item__video-caption_read-video-article">The Realme vendor has released a 5G smartphone that is claimed to be the most affordable in Indonesia today, namely the Realme 8 5G. Although it comes at a more affordable price, this smartphone is claimed to deliver fast performance thanks to the chipset it carries.

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