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… Last minute instructions to the governors of the 81 provinces posted: a penalty of 900 pounds, you don wear the mask | Video


According to information received the AA Correspondent, The Ministry of new types of coronavirus (Kovid-19) to use the mask in relation to the necessity for the measures sent instructions to the governors of the 81 provinces.

To manage the risk the epidemic poses to public health, interpersonal distance, and personal hygiene rules, as well as the use of the mask is also extremely important that pointed in directions, City/County Public Health throughout the province by the governorship in line with the decisions of the board or in specific areas where the need to wear a mask was brought, has been remembered.

Controlled social life in the period of the full implementation of measures in order to prevent the increase of the number of cases in all provinces and who want to increase control for the use of the mask, the ministry took control of by reviewing the aspects to be considered in some decisions.


Accordingly, today, tomorrow and Sunday at the days of the inspection, a mask those who breach the rules of usage whether to warn citizens and businesses will be informed.

Those who act contrary to the rules of mask usage across the country from Monday June 22, the day of the Union in accordance with Article 282 of the law on public health practice to be 900 pounds will apply administrative fines.

The ministry by the governor to make the necessary planning, the application of any defect in, wanted to happen.


48 in the mask in all areas of life, in 33 provinces, shopping mall, supermarket, restaurant, café and a hairdresser are located in places where people like the bulk of the work has an obligation to be installed.



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