Last: 5 jokes, Slavi’s man will build the roads

They are running for office with a ready list of ministers

The Socialists are yet to convene a plenum to approve the agreement, and the DB has not yet scheduled

Slavi will personally initial for ITN, former reformer Grozdan Karadzhov named their deputy prime minister

NSThere will be four deputy prime ministers in the future government – one each of “We continue the change”, BSP, “Democratic Bulgaria” and “There is such a people”, as well as one on effective governance. The full list of the new cabinet will probably be ready and handed over to President Rumen Radev as soon as he receives the co-chairs of the PP to hand them the mandate to form it.

This became clear from a statement by Asen Vassilev to journalists on Wednesday.

According to the constitution, after the mandate is handed over, the formation has a period of 7 days in which to coordinate a cabinet and then hand over the draft composition to the head of state.

Asked whether they would wait a week or give the list of ministers immediately, Vassilev explained: “The idea is to form the government as soon as possible.”

Kalina Konstantinova, a Member of Parliament, will certainly be nominated for Deputy Prime Minister for Effective Governance, she confirmed. Borislav Sandov is expected to be the Deputy Prime Minister from the quota of “Democratic Bulgaria”. He will combine the post with that of Minister of Environment.

The BSP is expected to nominate its resigned leader Cornelia Ninova. So far, however, she has neither confirmed nor denied that this is the case.

Among the names of the deputy prime ministers yesterday was that of the former MP from the Reformist bloc Grozdan Karadzhov from the quota of “There is such a people”. He is expected to be the Minister of Regional Development, and in the summer he was nominated for transport in the ITN cabinet. Initially, no joke was planned for Slavi Trifonov’s people, but yesterday the party’s economist Lubomir Karimanski confirmed that such

will have because

so it was “fair”

He also confirmed that a man has already been selected for the post, but declined to name him.

However, the latest version of the agreement, which 24 Chasa has at its disposal, provides for the Deputy Prime Minister of ITN to be responsible for foreign policy. This is expected to be Dimitar Gardev. (See below for him.)

In exchange for the post of Deputy Prime Minister, Trifonov’s people lost important parts of the regional development department – the GRAO Directorate, the Cartography and Geodesy Agency, which went to Kalina Konstantinova from the PP.

However, the Regional Minister Grozdan Karadzhov is left with the Road Infrastructure Agency, through which millions pass for road construction and maintenance. It was originally planned to go to the Ministry of Transport, which is in charge of “We continue the change”.

Only the military plants from Terem and Transport Reconstruction and Construction are going to the Deputy Prime Minister for Economy, who is expected to be Cornelia Ninova.

In the final midnight revisions of the coalition agreement on Tuesday, the partners agreed to have one adviser each where the minister is not theirs. This information of “24 hours” was confirmed by the party leaders in the parliament on Wednesday.

There will be no general agreement for the coalition with 4 initials under it. “We continue the change” as a mandate holder will sign separately the coalition agreement with “Democratic Bulgaria”, BSP and “There is such a people”. Finally, this was accepted at the request of the DB.

Officially, the three headquarters say it is logical, because their support is for the government of the Petkov and Vassilev party, which is the mandate holder.

In reality, however, everyone sees

the DB should not initial a joint document with the BSP

The Socialists did not like this idea.

“It is better for us to sign together –

leadership meeting, let’s all sit down and yes

let’s clear up the controversial issues

So far there is no invitation for a joint signing, we have been invited for a separate signing, if there is a change, it would be even better for us “, said Cornelia Ninova. She said an amended coalition agreement was sent out on Wednesday morning. Now the party would get to know him and then the National Council of Socialists would be convened to accept him.

On behalf of “There is such a people” the coalition agreement will be signed by the leader Slavi Trifonov, said Lubomir Karimanski – the man from ITN, who is most active in this parliament.

In the two brief meetings, when the party was negotiating a cabinet, the BSP, DB and IBGNI demanded a joint coalition agreement and that Trifonov personally sign it. But then the party refused to prepare and sign a document at all, and the showman repeatedly criticized this request, explaining that he had selected people in the ITN whom he trusted enough to be responsible and keep their promises.

Discussions on the coalition agreement are also underway in Democratic Bulgaria. The party had given them until yesterday to thoroughly review it, but due to the changes late Tuesday night they had to discuss it again in their parties.

“We expect the coalition to have 3 seats in the government, and one of the ministers nominated by us will be Deputy Prime Minister,” confirmed DB co-chair Hristo Ivanov.

We know the names, but it is good to wait for the mandate holders to announce the structure, he commented. According to him, the fact that each party will have a deputy prime minister will avoid party feudalization. The leader of “Yes, Bulgaria” clarified that

the change of the heads of the special services

it is not a condition for a cabinet, but it must be. The other co-chair, Atanas Atanasov, insisted on this during consultations with the president.

Everyone in the quadruple coalition expects the agreement to be reached by the end of the week. There will be a coalition council next Friday, and this is the deadline for all the details to be clarified.

The coalition also refuses to hold general meetings of parliamentary groups, at which decisions are taken by a vote of all their deputies. Instead, they will have a coalition council of leaders and heads of parliamentary groups that will match important decisions. The tripartite coalition had a similar body in 2005-2009.

The government will approve procurators and temporary members of the boards of state-owned companies, regardless of whose quota the proposed people are.

Link with Bozhkov to the lie in the biography

around the candidate for Foreign Affairs Gardev

A connection with Vasil Bozhkov to the news of a manipulated biography appeared with the nominee for Foreign Minister Dimitar Gardev from ITN. His father was a partner with the businessman hiding in Dubai at Smart Way AD, reported, citing documents. Gardev himself is the owner of another company – “Sistera Technology”, which is located at the same address as “Smart Way”.

The ITN MP lied about his CV that he was an adviser in committees to the European Parliament, but in fact he was an adviser to the BSP MEP Elena Yoncheva in her Sofia office. This was confirmed by Yoncheva herself before Euroactiv.

Free coalitions and nurseries were signed by the coalition

Kindergartens and nurseries will be free. This is enshrined in the coalition agreement between “We continue the change”, “BSP”, “There is such a people” and “Democratic Bulgaria”.

The budget can cover this cost, explained MP Lena Borislavova from “We continue the change” to bTV.

During the social policy talks, the parties quarreled over the issue. Democratic Bulgaria was asked to build gardens first, because there are currently no places for children and the abolition of fees does not solve the problem. They insisted on a regulation on parent cooperatives and vouchers for mothers who work and their children have not been able to enter the garden. The DB even offered tax incentives for companies with more than 500 employees that open kindergartens in their offices.

The caretaker government on Wednesday approved more than BGN 333,763 in compensation for 798 children who were not admitted to kindergarten. The amount for a family is BGN 464. The money is paid for the period September 15 – October 31.

The problem with the lack of free places in the kindergartens practically exists only in the capital, as only two of the children who will receive benefits live in Plovdiv, explained the press center of the government.

This is the third funding for this year, as over BGN 910,000 were paid for 840 children under the previous tranches.

Nine of the scientific infrastructures in the country will receive nearly BGN 10 million for modernization, new equipment, retrofitting, digitalization and attracting successful scientists, the Council of Ministers decided.


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