La Nación / From this Wednesday, two doses of anti-COVID vaccine will be required to enter the country

“Every person over 18 years of age, regardless of their place of departure, must present a vaccination certificate indicating that they have received at least two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine,” the health authority said in a statement. The measure, which exempts travelers with vaccines that require a single dose such as Janssen, affects residents of other countries, Paraguayans or foreigners residing in Paraguay.

Entry without a vaccination certificate will be allowed to those who present a document certifying a medical condition that contraindicates the inoculation, as well as to residents who do not have the complete guideline or who argue humanitarian reasons.

Among the new provisions, it is established that those over 12 years of age must present PCR tests with a negative result less than 48 hours before their admission, or antigen tests up to 24 hours old. In addition, they must complete a health declaration form up to 24 hours before admission, available on the website of the Ministry of Health (

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People entering by land from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia will not be required to undergo PCR or antigen tests for the detection of the disease before their trips, as was a requirement until now.

Salud specified that residents in border cities of Brazil and Argentina will not have health requirements to enter Paraguay. “All the people who enter with the neighborhood transit regime must prove that they reside in the border city. They do not require any health requirement for admission, ”the official statement said.

Paraguay reported a total of 3 deaths on Monday, two not vaccinated, for a total of 16,673 deaths from COVID-19 since the first case in March 2020. Of the total of 51 hospitalized in intensive care units, 39 are unvaccinated, 10 they received both doses and 2 were inoculated only once, the health report noted.

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Source: AFP.


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