La Nación / Borba announces the arrival of vaccines against COVID-19 through the Covax mechanism

The legislative initiative is promoted by Congressman Édgar Ortiz, who argued that the objective aims to lessen the tax burden for businessmen in the post-pandemic for a year.

This is the bill “That exempts the payment of fines and interest for a period of one year to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), created in accordance with Law No. 4,457 / 12”. “What this project intends is that the MSMEs contribute to the treasury what corresponds in the concept of taxes, but exonerating them from the payment of millionaire sums for interest penalties, which, in most cases, leads to bankruptcy and closure of these businesses “, founded the liberal legislator.

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At its discretion, the Ministry of Finance should even divide the payment of taxes into installments. “As representatives of society, we have a moral obligation to assist a sector that has been so affected; the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy of the whole world, of which we are part and, particularly, micro, small and medium-sized companies, “he added.

The legislator insisted that MSMEs are currently suffering from uncertain times and reduced sales, so it is necessary to receive assistance from the State that allows them to survive and encourage them to continue being part of the country’s economic activity. The bill establishes that this provision will be regulated by the Ministry of Finance within one hundred and twenty days after its promulgation.

After its official presentation in the Chamber of Deputies, it was arranged that the project be sent, for its pertinent study, to the Economic Affairs committees; Legislation and Codification; and that of Industry, Commerce, Tourism, which must issue the pertinent opinions to be evaluated in plenary session.

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