La Nación / Another load of the first component of the Sputnik V vaccine arrived in Paraguay

Dr. Luis Camera said that the only antidote for the Delta is to have a large number of people vaccinated. (photo: courtesy)

August 28, 2021 12:02 AM

Dr. Luis Camera, advisor to Argentine President Alberto Fernández, in an interview with Universo 970 AM and the GEN channel, spoke about the incidence of the Delta variant in Argentina. He pointed out that in general throughout South America the second wave is going down, which was very hard with the Manaus virus and the Andean virus that have left many orphans. “I have a theory, it is that the Manaus virus and the Andean virus have not allowed the Delta variant to enter easily. It’s like a predator competition, ”said Dr. Luis Camera.

He stated that we are in a difficult and slow vaccination process, and that the only antidote for this highly contagious virus is to have a good number of people vaccinated. Camera said that it will not be harmful like the previous ones, but with the Delta virus there must be many people vaccinated. “With the Delta virus, the largest amount of the population should be vaccinated, infections can also occur in people with a single dose, of course much milder and without so much mortality,” he added.

The advisor to the Argentine president estimates that the third wave would arrive in approximately a month, since there are several cases, but they have not yet exploded. Regarding component two of Sputnik, Camera said that the strategy is to complete the scheme either with other platforms or with the same one due to the fear of the entry of the Delta variant. The Delta virus is the beginning of the end of the pandemic and the beginning of the endemic, this virus is not so terrifying, but it will infect us all, said the professional.

For six days in a row there is a drop in the number of hospitalized patients. (photo: file)

August 28, 2021 12:02 AM

Although the entry of the Delta variant in Paraguay alarms the health system authorities, who announce an imminent third wave of covid-19, at this time the numbers indicate a situation of great relief in terms of decompression of hospitals.

After the daily report of the Ministry of Health presented last night on the evolution of covid-19 in the country, the decreasing trend was confirmed, and during the last six days the record sustained downward in hospitalization figures is evident. Both patients admitted to normal wards and intensive care continue to decline: on Sunday 22 549 people were hospitalized, 180 in ICU; Monday 23 (533 and 171); Tuesday 24 (507 and 163); Wednesday 25 (500 and 159); Thursday 26 (451 and 148) and yesterday Friday 27 (431 and 133), respectively.

The health portfolio also reported that 3,006 samples were processed, of which only 92 were positive, which is 3% of the total tested. They also indicated that 260 people managed to overcome the disease, thus adding 436,286 recovered. The total number of confirmed cases in Paraguay amounts to 458,229.


The crude aspect of the pandemic refers to the number of daily deaths, which despite having decreased, resists falling below the two-dozen line, indeed, yesterday they reported a slight increase with the 22 deaths registered.

Since August 19, when there was the lowest number of fatalities of the month with 16 cases, the figures were constant above 20: 20 were 20, 21 (22), 22 (21), 23 ( 22), 24 (20), 25 (20), 26 (20) and yesterday again 22. So far the fatal list in the country reaches 15,685 cases.

Dr. Héctor Castro, director of the PAI. (photo: file)

August 28, 2021 12:02 AM

From Monday, August 30 until Wednesday, September 1, the second dose of Sputnik, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer will be applied. It will be due to the termination of the identification number.

The director of the Expanded Immunization Program, Héctor Castro, announced the continuity of the second dose schedule in the following order: Monday, August 30, CI terminations from 0 to 3; Tuesday, August 31, from 4 to 6; Wednesday, September 1, from 7 to 9.

Those summoned are those vaccinated with Sputnik V until May 26, with AstraZeneca until July 15, with Moderna until July 31 and Pfizer until July 28.

On Thursday, September 2, for now, no vaccination against covid-19 is planned, but everything is subject to the arrival of more vaccines. In fact, more platforms are expected to arrive over the next week.

This time the possibilities are expanded for those vaccinated abroad. It will not only reach those immunized with Pfizer, but also those who received AstraZeneca and Moderna.

The days enabled will be from Monday to Wednesday. Those interested should register on the page http: // and wait for the word “enabled” to appear in order to attend.


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