Kuwait is becoming uninhabitable – Bloomberg

Capital of Kuwait City Kuwait City

Kuwait breaks records for abnormal heat. The country does not reduce carbon emissions due to the inaction of the authorities.

One of the hottest countries in the world, Kuwait is becoming uninhabitable due to high temperatures. A few weeks before the peak of the heat in 2021, the temperature for the first time broke the mark of 50 degrees Celsius, writes Bloomberg.

Authorities ban outdoor work in the afternoon on hot days. Heat adversely affects animals. Birds die from lack of shade and water, cats suffer from dehydration and heat stroke.

Kuwait is the fourth oil exporter to OPEC. Due to the inaction of politicians, the country does not reduce carbon emissions, unlike neighboring UAE and Saudi Arabia.

It is noted that Kuwait has one of the highest rates of carbon dioxide emissions per capita in the world. However, citizens do not even think of giving up gasoline, the price of which is very cheap.

At the COP26 climate summit in Scotland, the Kuwaiti authorities pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 7.4% in 2035, far short of the 45% reduction needed to avert climate catastrophe.

Remember, in Australia air temperature exceeded 50 degrees. The last time such a temperature in the country was more than sixty years ago in the city of Udnadatta – at 36.5 degrees.

Let’s add that in Argentina the journalist fainted from the heat live. The journalist was reporting from the opera house. He told the audience about the new PCR testing point. As the broadcast was coming to an end, the man suddenly fell flat on the pavement.

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