Kuleba and Burbock discussed the issue of arms supplies

The Ukrainian minister said that the talks would continue, the German minister said that Berlin’s position remains unchanged.

The Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Germany, Dmitry Kuleba and Annalena Berbock, on Monday, January 17, in Kiev, discussed the issue of arms supplies.

“Foreign policy means that we have a clear position. Because what was said a few months ago is unchanged. It does not depend on where I go, because the position of the German government on arms supplies, given the relevant arms export policy, is known, and this is also enshrined in our history. We talked about this during our conversation,” said Burbock following the negotiations.

She assured that Germany would do everything to prevent further escalation of the crisis.

“We will do everything to prevent further escalation of this crisis, use all diplomatic possibilities, and the most effective lever for this, to support Ukraine,” Burbock said.

She stressed that further aggression against Ukraine would have a high price for the Russian Federation.

Burbock assured that Germany would do everything to guarantee the security of Ukraine and Europe.

“We will do everything to guarantee the security of Ukraine, to guarantee security in Europe. That is why I personally work, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, almost every day or even every night to meet together in different formats and somehow convince is that different formats are needed to guarantee security,” she said.

In her opinion, the OSCE should be involved in the negotiations in the Normandy format. “We, as the federal government, will do everything to return to the table. It is very difficult, I must say,” Burbock said.

At the same time, she assured that Germany does not talk about Ukraine without Ukraine. “Immediately after taking office, we had a telephone conversation and are closely coordinating our steps in NATO and with Ukraine. That’s why Josep Borrell was here, that’s why I’m here today,” she said.

Burbock noted that the West and Russia are far from each other in their positions, but “no country has the right to attribute to another country in which direction they should develop, what relations to maintain and what alliances to conclude.” “No one can make the sovereignty of Ukraine the subject of negotiations,” Burbock said.

In addition, the head of the German Foreign Ministry stressed that Germany is responsible to Ukraine.

“We, Germany, are responsible to your country. We have caused great disasters to your country, we are bound by eternal friendship and solidarity with your country,” Burbock said.

In turn, Kuleba said that the dialogue between Ukraine and Germany on the issue of arms supplies will continue.

“We know where we can get weapons. We know very well how to use them to protect – I emphasize – exclusively protect the territory of our land, and we work on this every day and we have very good results. And our dialogue with Germany on this The issue will also continue,” he said.

At the same time, the minister noted Kiev’s desire to resolve the conflict in Donbas without the use of weapons.

“Today, we discussed with Madam Minister the issue of supplying weapons to Ukraine from Germany, and I gave the arguments and position of the Ukrainian side. But, first of all, we really want the diplomatic track to work. And so that the efforts that we are now making with Germany to achieve a result in the Normandy format… they gave their result,” Kuleba said.

During the visit, Burbock also learned that Germany to lead policy direction non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea within the framework of the Crimean Platform.

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