Krampol from the hospital at home, but… Unexpected CONSEQUENCES

He’s glad he’s got the worst of it. The actor of Jiří Krampol (83) suffered from severe pneumonia, which then affected the heart. “It was so serious that I was really scared and said goodbye to life. I was a corpse candidate. I take it as a serious reprimand and a second chance up there. “ Krampol confided in the website.

Scared Krampol, heart problems! And Brzobohatí will break up

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However, his return home from the hospital had other surprising consequences. His condition and senses have improved and he generally feels like a new person. “I used to take a few steps and I had to rest. I’m fine now. And about eight kilograms below help. I also see more clearly and have faster reflexes. I haven’t been better at it in ten years, “ the actor added.

And what is he planning for tonight’s New Year’s Eve? “On New Year’s Eve, a couple of relatives will take turns with me, then I’ll go for a walk and in the evening I’ll be beating over the level of current television entertainment,” Krampol confided with a laugh.

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