Kostadinov warned lawmakers of tens of thousands of protests next Wednesday

The leader of the “Vazrazhdane” party Kostadin Kostadinov Photo VELISLAV NIKOLOV

The chairman of “Vazrazhdane” Kostadin Kostadinov warned his fellow deputies about tens of thousands of angry protesters and asked the government to revoke the green certificate.

“A large part of the countries in Western Europe are on fire with protests. In another part there is mass disobedience. Next Wednesday there will be a protest with tens of thousands of citizens. They will be angry that the government does not want to fulfill the request of their master – the Bulgarian people.” , said Kostadin Kostadinov in a declaration on behalf of “Vazrazhdane”.

He asked to ensure that the problems in Bulgaria will be solved by the institutions and will not be created by them. “We are violating the basic law with anti-constitutional measures. All the protests took place when the rulers refused to listen to the Bulgarian people. Let the rulers give a clear signal that they are ready to talk, to listen to the Bulgarian people. Bulgaria is currently at a crossroads. and to be a good example in the EU for the first time, “Kostadinov added.

He asked the government to stop the green certificate, to convene civil society talks and to make an analysis that is not one-sided and propagandistic, but only based on common sense.

“Denkov’s order abolishes their constitutional obligation to go to school if they do not want to take tests. This is not normal and this practice must end. We strongly hope that in the coming days it will give a clear signal. “Otherwise, there will be dozens of angry people next Wednesday,” the Vazrazhdane leader said.


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